Join the CryptoRATs. Share GPU with AI scientists. Earn money.

4 min readJul 5, 2022


Artificial intelligence apps usually require an immense amount of GPU-accelerated computing power. Companies either build enormous data centers or utilize overpriced cloud services from corporations like Google and Amazon. At the same time, the world’s 200 million gamers can overwhelm even the largest megacorps with the all combined power of their systems.

We at CryptoRAT have found a way to connect gamers with AI developers and invented a better way to earn money with your GPU.

Better than mining (duh)

The only thing you need to do to start earning is install and launch the CryptoRAT app. Your computer then joins a computational network serving the needs of AI companies. Network revenue is distributed among the participants and is paid out in tokens on the Everscale blockchain.

In simpler terms, you make money by sharing your GPU with AI scientists.*_28N7AalYolXHNz2rdwnCA.png
[crypto] Rats share the corporate profits

Every hour each user receives a share of the total network income. Share size is calculated based on GPU power and reputation earned with long uninterrupted uptime streaks. Naturally, early adopters providing the best hardware will get the most money, so consider signing up for the closed beta.

Now, why exactly is joining the CryptoRAT network better than mining crypto?

  1. AI computations are generally 10x more profitable, so each network member earns more
  2. AI computations are actualizing the Sci-Fi future and making it a reality instead of simply heating up the atmosphere

The best hardware to earn with CryptoRAT would be a regular gaming PC powered by an Nvidia GPU. Traditional mining rigs, despite having loads of GPUs, won’t be efficient at the specific AI task we aim to execute (namely, inference of computer vision models).

Usually, miners undervolt their GPUs and connect them through risers, which leads to poor memory transfer bandwidth, and, therefore, poor performance on AI tasks. Traditional gaming PCs have a single powerful GPU with full voltage and memory bandwidth enabled — that is the best setup for chewing through hundreds of images per second with an AI model.

Rat the power away from the corporations

Distributed computing is of utmost importance for dapps. It is the only way to comply with the founding principles of Web3.0 — transparency, freedom from governmental and corporate censorship, and equitable distribution of power.

As of July 2022, we couldn’t find a solution that enables AI processing in a truly decentralized and convenient way. Therefore, we at CryptoRAT aspire to build the infrastructure of the future. Infrastructure that’s owned not by corporations concentrating power and money, but by gamers — equal members of the Web3.0 community. Together we will blaze a trail for new, better Internet development.

Meet the team*wIp-3TeQBLVUMKWK2_-TaA.png
The actual human beings behind CryptoRAT

Building the best decentralized AI-first GPU computing network is no easy feat. Luckily, we have an amazing team, whose proven expertise in the rapid development of products powered by machine learning will help us do exactly that.

Igor Rekun

An AI expert with a deep understanding of high-performance computing, Igor is passionate about making sure that our technology (written in Rust and powered by NVIDIA TensorRT) works at speeds never seen before. Since he wrote his first custom GPU driver in high school, he co-founded three AI startups, including and

Andrey Kiselev

Andrey is a skilled manager of technical projects, utilizing his business, network, and technical expertise to make customers love our product. His Data Science skill set, combined with years of management experience at,, and, currently, tech-giant Yandex enables CryptoRAT to deliver its product on time.

Dimitry Lesnevsky

With a passion for applying modern tech and a data-driven approach to each channel of digital marketing, Dimitry has managed over $10M of marketing spending for worldwide brands such as Under Armour, PayPal and Royal Canin with stunning efficiency. He later co-founded AdTech company and the Vinou advertising agency. His marketing management skills are going to power CryptoRAT distribution.

Be the innovator

Our beta testers will receive airdrops, higher rewards, and bonus reputation tokens that will be carried over to the official launch. Chances are, we’ll have a limited number of seats for the beta, so hurry up and claim your ticket to higher GPU earnings at!

We will elaborate on our tech and tokenomics in further publications. Follow us for the updates!