The Awakening of Half Shib ($Shib0.5)

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“Truth is not what you want it to be; it is what it is, and you must bend towards its power or live a lie” — Miyamoto Musashi

What is Half Shib?

Half Shib serves as the first and only token that is directly paired to Shiba Inu. It’s utility aids in burning the $Shib supply: on Uniswap, every transaction takes $Shib out of supply whilst on Volt inu, every transaction burns $Shib. This direct correlation underlines that as $Shib develops and pumps, Half Shib will coincidentally follow the same pattern.

It is a 100% community token that has 0% buy/sell tax, contract is renounced and the LP is burnt — essentially, this means that this project cannot rug. Within just over a month, this project has hit an ATH of over $10m marketcap and the weekly trading volumes have been insane over a bear market:

  • Week 1 = $205.252k
  • Week 2 = $606.83k
  • Week 3 = $1.204 million
  • Week 4 = $2.239 million
  • Week 5 = $3.468 million
Renounced contract
Contract showing that it is 0% tax token

What does this mean for $Shib (Shiba Inu)?

$Shib has a circulating supply of 549 trillion tokens and with no burns built into its code, it would currently take several thousands of years for $Shib to reach $1. With the imminent launch of Shibarium, more $Shib tokens will be utilised across transactions and Half Shiba will aid in ensuring that $Shib is burnt across every transaction. This will greatly reduce the $Shib supply and also the time that it takes for the $Shib price to increase.

To current date, Half Shib has taken 4.37 billion Shiba tokens out of supply on Uniswap and has also burnt further tokens on Volt Inu. Upon the migration onto Shibarium, every transaction would initiate the burning of Shiba, emphasising that greater quantities of Shiba will eventually be burnt. Since more people will use $Shib to trade on Shibarium, this will cause the supply of Shiba Inu to inevitably decrease, initiating its value to also increase: this is VERY BULLISH for Shiba holders.

What is the Shibarium Network?

Shibarium is a Layer-2 blockchain that seeks to “empower the ShibArmy to utilise digital assests in the form of tokens or NFTs”. These are the four common values of Shibarium: BURN, PROTECT, HELP, GROW.

Half Shib through burning the $Shib supply will assist in protecting and helping the development of the Shibarium ecosystem. This will in turn enable $Shib to grow and as a result its entire blockchain.

Shibarium encourages “Shibarium projects to not only burn and donate” Half Shib is the only $Shib paired token which burns its supply, emphasising its value to Shibarium.

Snapshot of Shytoshi’s Shibarium blog

What makes this project unique?

Half Shib has only been approximately 40 days old and has already reached an ATH exceeding $10m Marketcap. It also has a scarce supply of only 1 million tokens and nearly 2.4k holders, meaning that there will also be an imminent SUPPLY SHOCK.

Only 2.8463% of the supply (28,463 tokens) is left till SUPPLY SHOCK


Whilst still being in our early stages, this project has already had numerous AMAs with some very respected groups in the Crypto Space, including the following:

  • Crypto Hunters (23,858 members)
  • Midnight Calls (30,564 members)
  • Caesar’s Calls (176,538 members)
  • WallstreetBets (46,145 members)

In the first month, we have also seen the launch of 1000 Half Shiboshi’s. These Shiboshi-like (Shiba Inu) NFTs are significant as the profits gained from their trading transactions will be used to increase the liquidity pool of the project — BULLISH.

We have also had numerous influencers shilling this project organically, with marketing being conducted on several platforms including Tiktok, Facebook, Twitter, Telegram and more — most of which through community members paying out of their own pockets!

Elon Musk’s SpaceX billboard advertising our project Half Shiba Inu.

The deployer wallet?

There are numerous bullish characteristics of Half Shib, beginning with the multi billion dollar deployer wallet. The dev’s deployer wallet from roughly 2,466 days ago contains transfers of approximately $6 billion worth of ETH: a=0x9ae63ee2e8ed29f4a4edb982f918a33c2caf3f98&p=805.

The deployer wallet was retraced to this wallet containing 250,969 Eth (around $426 million)
This video shows the deployer wallet being intricately traced back to insanely high volumes of Eth such as a transaction of 608,334.724 Eth

The contract?

Having established that the dev is extremely based and wealthy, the token contract underwent professional evaluation. As aforementioned, the contract properly renounced ownership, with no marketing wallet and 0/0 tax as well as 0% fees. Results underlined that the contract was created professionally, ideally over an extensive period (probably around 6 months). It is not a fork of any other contract and most importantly it can serve as a foundation for future developments -> possible linking to future developments on Shibarium.

Similar to the Shiba Inu contract, the Half Shib contract is renounced the exact same way.

The professional Shiba Inu contract consists of 497 lines, with this token serving on Shibaswap and Shibarium.
The professionally created Half Shib contract consists of 1064 lines, with suggestions that the further lines could be used for future developments.
Both the Shib and Half Shib contracts use the SAME VERSION of OpenZeppelin Contracts v4.4.0 to deploy their smart contracts.

The dev and correlations?

Whilst the jury still remains on who the dev exactly is, there are many bullish characteristics that he possesses. Firstly, despite this being a 100% community token, the Dev is in regular communication with the Team/Admins. The dev’s deployer wallet is linked to $6 billion worth of ETH — our dev is a multi-billionaire (as shown by the connected wallets).

This is a simplified visual representation underlining the dev’s wallet being connected to very high quantities of Ethereum. Note: The figures do not correlate to Dollars but to Ethereum quantities so 39k = 39,000 Eth.

As aforementioned, this project has managed to conduct several AMAs with some significant CT groups — one of which being WallStreetBets (WSB). The image below underlines Shytoshi Kusama, the founder of the imminently launching Shibarium, being present on the WSB telegram chat.

Shytoshi was also present on WSB— speculation suggests that Half Shiba could potentially be directly or indirectly associated with Shiba Inu?

Similarly, our Half Shib dev has been away for some time beforehand due to a personal, family situation. The time frame of his absence correlates with the image below, underlining a Tweet from Kaal, the Lead dev for Shytoshi’s Shibarium whose “father passed away few days ago”. This was also underlined by Shytoshi himself in a separate tweet.

Again this is speculation — could the associated time absences of the dev mean that our Half Shib dev is in fact connected to Shiba and also Shibarium?


Ultimately, this is the first token that is DIRECTLY PAIRED TO $SHIB LP. The project’s stealth launch as well as the absence of bots on launch are further bullish factors. The DEV is also a very based individual who is extremely wealthy and an individual who has a unique method of operating. His recent absence was initially explained through him being busy working on the Shibarium migration. This active/inactive method of operating correlates to the early days of the Shiba dev (where he disappeared before reappearing at around $20m marketcap).

The Dev has always been intent on existing “on both Shibarium and ETH.”

Ultimately, I believe that this project will have long-term success: with our LP burned, there is no risk of rugging. With Shibarium also launching, we can practically guarantee that Shiba Inu will succeed and as we are directly paired to $Shib, this will increase the value of our Half Shiba tokens in return. If speculations that we could be associated with Shiba and Shibarium are indeed accurate, we will have enormous potential to grow:

At current level, $Shib0.5 has less than 2.5k holders → $Shib has nearly 1.3million holders (over 520x in holders). Even $Shib gas tokens like $Bone (68k holders) and $Leash (30k holders) have more holders than Half Shib (2.4k holders) and Half Shib will neccesitate Shibarium and Shibaswap to function efficiently, promoting the burn of $Shib.

Half Shib QR Code: Time to “JOIN THE MOVEMENT”


Chart:! 0x914e578f8bef2607d9c16fd4954c2c1Oe58dc5ad

Please note that all contents of this article are based on personal research and opinions.