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BlockFi — Bridging The Worlds Of Traditional Finance and Crypto.

BlockFi Wealth Management

BlockFi Provides The Wealth Management Products Cryptoinvestors Need, All Powered By Blockchain Technology.
BlockFi’s No-Fee Trading Gives You The Flexibility and Speed You Need To Keep Up With The Market.

The First and Only Interest-Earning Crypto Account
To Offer Compound Interest and Trading.

Give it a try

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Torque Trading Systems — Torque Bot

This is a Crypto Trading company headquartered in Singapore.

They provide members with a Cryptocurrency trading platform that executes trade son behalf of members.

Using sophisticated Ai Trading technology, the company use a Crypto bot that trades in 15 exchanges in the industry.

The company state: “Torque Trading Systems has been created with the sole purpose of providing everyone an alternative to managed cryptocurrency portfolios, a safer and more efficient way to invest.

Torque is currently operating in 5 countries across Asia, driven by a team of traders with each of them having more than 10 years of trading experience in traditional markets and instruments, have discovered huge opportunities in the newborn world of cryptocurrencies. …



“Future Of Money is Digital Currency….!”

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