The Holy Trinity (HAC) of 2022 — HTR, AZERO and CHEQ


  • DeFi/Yield Farming
  • Gems/Fundamental Analysis and being ‘early’
  • Networking
  • Arbitrage
  • Trading
  • Being spread across too many coins and exchanges
  • Not capitalising on my own euphoria and capitulation
  • Rushing to accumulate back losses/chasing gains — most painful lesson made apparent through leverage

Project 1 — Hathor

  • Mining Proof of Work security like Bitcoin
  • Ability to create tokens and launch NFTs like Ethereum
  • Feeless and instant transactions using DAG technology like Nano/Iota
  • Hathorswap (DEX) which also shows on-chain data
  • 50–100 NFT projects launching and marketplaces (Hathor Market + Nileswap)
  • Mining reward halving within the first week or so of January
  • Nano contracts — Potentially? As we are expecting an update on the progress
  • Hathor Visa Debit Card (Simplex Visa)
  • Potential T1 Exchange listing (Okex? Binance? Huobi?)

Project 2 — Aleph Zero

  • Fast transaction speeds up to 100k tps
  • Privacy enabled smart contracts
  • Solid team with very profound credentials
  • Able to solve the blockchain trilemma
  • 180 million of the total 300 million supply will be already circulating on launch
  • Mainnet is live — things are working with approximately 4 million TXs recorded over the past month or so
  • Ranking silver in the ZCX Unizen ‘Tournament of Alts’

Project 3 — Cheqd

  • CHEQ is such a good name for a ticker. It is catchy and has a nice ring to it
  • CHEQ has actual clients on board and they are the validators of the network
  • There was no public sale other than an airdrop when it listed. Just like any project there were seed rounds for investors however
  • There have been concerns about circulating supply but the team have clarified — the transparency is positive (
  • With the metaverse concept growing the need for decentralised identities will become even more stronger
  • Staking for holders already available (approx. calculations show 20% APY)
  • To me they appear to be a team that is more heads down busy working and continuously developing and delivering — simply look at Phase 1 below
  • The mainnet is live which is a green flag as it is quite rare to have a token launched and a functioning mainnet. There are some projects that have been around for years and still having no mainnet i.e. Reserve Rights $RSR (good project but the mainnet launch has taken too much time in my opinion)
  • Multiple partnerships and just within this week announcing three (Ayanworks, Animo solutions and Verio). The fact that the partnerships are global shows how far SSI can stretch and the reach of CHEQD
  • To me the biggest reason behind my bullish thesis is that everywhere I turn as I research into CHEQ it seems they have thought everything through well in depth:
  1. Exploring each of the ecosystems and settling for Cosmos ($ATOM) as it met their requirements for functionality they considered other chains such as Solana
  2. Anti-dumping policies on CHEQ staking unlocks (14-day cool-down)
  3. Mainnet operational before token listing
  4. Having partnerships with some of the biggest vendors in the SSI space such as Evernym which has now been acquired by Avast. Also worth noting Avast has an $8 BILLION dollar merger with Norton Life Block. Conglomerates! Thanks Dread Bongo for this graphic.

Where to buy these coins?

Concluding Remarks





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