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The journey of CryptoVibrantArrows started with my enthusiasm towards NFTs, the fantastic and beautiful combination of technology, art, imagination, and community , thus adding a new dimension to the whole blockchain technology, DAPP, money, Metaverse, and culture.

The Story

As a person, I love to ride and, some what, I am a biker myself. During rides, like many other riders, I too rely heavily on sign boards and maps, also use a compass for fun sometimes. Guess, what is common in all this? An arrow pointing towards something and taking people to destinations. During a random day ride, it was at that time when a supernatural power contacted me and told me that “Man, you should make NFTs on arrows the most vibrant and cool way possible and call it CryptoVibrantArrows and I will give these arrows power to bring joy, vibrancy, positive vibes and take them to there destination , whoever owns one of these”. As you all can see, this part of the supernatural is a kind of made-up story, but the idea of creating CryptoVibrantArrows was inspired by different forms of arrows that guide and help us reach our destination in our day-to-day life is 100% true. So, after deciding to create NFTs inspired from arrows using a combination of colours , arrows pixel art design and backgrounds, but there was something missing and that something was a background pattern. The arrows always points to something and in these arts , they are pointing to the background pattern like coffee, pizza, sneakers and etc. Let me show some of our vibrant NFTs in GIF format.

CryptoVibrantArrows ##

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