Reality Clash — Turns Games into Reality

Reality Clash is the first augmented reality combat game available for Android and iOS. With ERC 20 tradable armory, backed by the Etherium blockchain, it is the first of its kind. What makes this new game so special and why should you invest in this startup?

Main innovative features of Reality Clash:

  • Familiar places are now your battlefields and the people in your surroundings are either your allies or enemies.
  • By using real time geo targeting technologies, join and set up your private teams and tournaments or go into all-out street combat action.
  • Introducing the wold’s first tokenized armory, Reality Clash offers a wide range of weapons through its ERC 20 armory which can be bought in store.
  • The Reality Clash Coin (RCC) gold token allows access to unique and powerful weaponry designed exclusively for the token sale. This will be availabel only for a limited period of time, before the game launches.
  • The fortunate who are lucky enough to participate in the token sale will have weapons and armory that will never be available again
  • Participants who buy weapons in the token sale can either use them in the game or trade or sell them through the reality clash platform or secondary markets for money
  • All in game content will be ERC 20 tokenize with a blockchain based trust list
  • The CC gold goins will offer the users access to exclusive hidden in-game levels, exclusive events, upgrades, as well as access to early demos and tournaments

The game was created by experts that have previously worked in the development of hit titles from Activison, Disney, UbiSoft and Microsoft. A playable demo of the game is already available.

To raise the funding required to complete the development of the game and trading plaform, a token sale has been structured. This will run for 30 days and participants in the token sale will get free bonus coins plus a massive discount on the price of the coins

Learn more about the game and get the official Reality Clash whitepaper at:

This online document will offer valuable insights regarding:

  • What makes Reality Clash a revolutionary game
  • Who is part of the management and production team
  • What previous development experience does the team have
  • How will the game be profitable (in-app purchases, trading platform and advertising)
  • Details on the gameplay
  • Roadmap of the project
  • Facts about the First Person Shooter games market
  • The augmented reality global market
  • The ICO token sale

Discover all that Reality Clash has to offer, find detailed answers to most common questions regarding the game, watch the teaser and join the token sale at

Benefits of taking part in the token sale

  • free bonus coins
  • huge discount on the price of the RCC gold coin (in exchange for Etheruem Ether).
  • the RCC gold coins give you access to exclusive content like weapons, armor and ammo.
  • access to demos
  • join the ‘soft launch’ tournament
  • receive an exclusive medal
  • become a founder member

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