Piles of new Notgeld banknotes awaiting distribution at the Reichsbank during the hyperinflation period of the Weimar Republic in Germany

A football awaits to be thrown and kicked on a 100 yard field

Michael Malice-Intellectual, Model, Alpha

Let me start this article by saying I think psychedelics are a gamble. I think if someone is going to use them they should be acquired and used when surrounded by high quality people. I’ll let the reader decide what high quality means to them but to me it means people who genuinely care about life and the well-being of everyone around them. I’ve always felt too many creeps surround the psychedelic scene and they often ruin the whole process. If you are considering psychedelics consider your source and the atmosphere both your mind and body are in before ingesting these powerful substances.

I was shocked to find such a substance oozing out of my Buttercrunch lettuce-but in retrospect it makes sense


-When paper cash becomes worth almost nothing what is your plan- Fortune favors the bold. -WE have not missed a day of crypto research since 2013-

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