Escape the winter in Cabarete and enjoy the best beaches in the world.

Crypto gains popularity as traditional finance is stuck in the mud.
DashDirect makes it possible to spend at retailers with ease while saving up to 12 percent.

The VW bay window bus was made from 1968 to 1979

So-you just took a ride on the Pacific Coast Highway in a VW BUS and now you want one. With the windows down and the music flowing you found yourself thinking, “I have got to get a VW BUS for myself!”

Been there my friend. I have owned two VW busses and love talking about my experiences with them. I have owned a 1971 and a 1969 VW bus! Both turned out to be total wins for me and I was even able to sell them for more than I bought…

Dana Zzyym receives first U.S. passport with ‘X’ gender marker

The best food delivery service to date.


-When paper cash becomes worth almost nothing what is your plan- Fortune favors the bold. -WE have not missed a day of crypto research since 2013-

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