How To Get From $1,000 To $47,800 In 1 Year.

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In my previous article, we saw that one of Jet-Bot’s copy-trader has been producing 6,315% APY. It has been 6 days since I entered this platform. How has it been like for me? Keep on reading to learn about this stream of Passive Income!

Jet-Bot is a copy-trader which gives us a variable returns based on the trader we copied.

With an APY of 6,315% (annualised), a $1,000 investment will become $63,150 at the end of year, inclusive of compounding.

This is equivalent to $5,262 a month, also equivalent to a monthly salary.

My investment of $350 had generated me $22.78 within 6 days.
(This comes to 1.08% in average daily returns which is equivalent to 4,780% APY if we assume the same return for 360 days.)

Think that this is a scam?! Here’s proof:

The Best Thing Is That…

The best thing about Jet-Bot is that unlike crypto miners, we have the flexibility to withdraw our capital investments. Yes. This means that I can withdraw my $350 at any time with little to no withdrawal fees. This also means that I am straight in the profit of 6.5% as of now.

My Plan

Right now, I have started off with the $50 plan which gives me a profit limit of $150. My goal is to see how long it takes for us to get upgraded to the unlimited plan which costs $550. For the unlimited plan, we get 100% of the profits with no profit limit. For my current plan which I paid $50 for, I only keep 70% of the profit and am allowed to profit only $150.

My goal is to show you in real-time that everyone can get to the top with quite a minimal investment!

What is Jet-Bot?

Jet-Bot has been operating since 2019. They are also one of the official brokers of Binance, the largest crypto centralised exchange. Jet-Bot is a copy-trading platform where investors can copy the trades of professional traders. This means….making money in our sleep — Passive Income, which is what we love! 😏

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Getting Started

This article below will serve as a full guide!

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Disclaimer!!! The articles that I write are merely a journal of my investments and by no means financial advice(s). In my first article, I openly talk about the truth of such projects. Only Invest only what you can afford to lose and never put all your eggs into one basket.



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