New 2022 DogemonGo RoadMap Is Live!

In case you did not see the twitter update the DogemonGo 2022 is officially live! you can see it all on the DogemonGo site:

We are super excited about the features coming this year!

DogemonGo Logo

2022 DogemonGo Roadmap

Janurary 2022:

  • LandLord NFT listing on FTX.US
  • 3D Real estate
  • IOS NFT & Metaverse approval

February 2022:

  • Player vs player battles & Capture The Flag
  • Dogemon & Avatar NFT’s
  • LP Token Staking

March 2022:

  • Buy In Game Real Estate
  • Talk To & Meet Friends In Game
  • Breed Your Super Dogemon

April/May 2022:

  • Desktop Browser Version Of Game
  • Buy In Game Property. (yacht, cars)

Link to Youtube Short of Dogemongo 2022 Roadmap:

Our Thoughts:

Personally we are extremely excited for the new features announced to come and what is in store for DogemonGo and the amazing content they provide! We are extremely impressed with the speed of updates and new content coming to DogemonGo! In my opinion this is a strong project that will have long lasting sustainability! This is also our absolute favorite play to earn game on the market!


What are you most excited for? what else would you like to see in DogemonGo? lets discuss it below and our thoughts on the project moving forward to the moon! Be sure to check out our youtube channel on play to earn gaming with a hard focus around DogemonGo! we will keep you up to date with all your DogemonGo needs! Lets keep growing an amazing #dogo family! Join the conversation on reddit!



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