The Hive Project: FIRST Invoice solution for crypto currency

While financing industry was growing for a long time, the past 20 years were incredible for invoice financing industry — with almost 14% annual growth rate and increasing demand year after year.

However, crypto currency world with his huge trend as well, didn’t have any invoice solution yet! So, here it comes — The Hive Project!

They are going to fill the liquidity gap in the economy, where small businesses face a huge (2 trillion $ and rising) liquidity hurdles.

You have SME? Then it is good news for You!

The hive project will be revolution for your business! In case it will be based on blockchain every invoice will have its own fingerprint so, it grant reliability on the project. Moreover, every invoice will be immediately offered for the market for trading what creates a fast increase in liquidity available for business.

If this is not enough, all invoices will be hold in database and creates a convenient platform for auditing or saving the data.

It sounds just great! So, do not miss this opportunity to be the part of big changes in finance industry with Hive project!

They are starting their ICO in 3rd of July!

Mark in your calendars the date and join the crowd-sale ->