ANDX Defi, Moon Defi, and few other upcoming pre-sales not to miss.

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2 min readDec 11, 2020

A token pre-sale is the thrilling part of the DeFi space where one can own Defi tokens for lowest price when they are still under development and before they are available for the general public.

One can get the token at the very initial phase where the token’s price is at the initial levels. What if you get to know some details of such tokens which are expected to rise above levels after the launch? Great idea, right!

In this blog, we’ll throw some light on two such tokens which you need to keep a watch, Moon token and ANDX token. Both are ERC-20 DeFi tokens which are all set to enter their pre-sales phase.

ANDX token by Arrano Network

Arrano network is an open-source cross-chain decentralized exchange protocol that provides seamless pricing and liquidity system through its various automation. The platform is planning to host as many as cryptocurrencies as possible and enable swap among them.

ANDX is the DeFi token and the utility token of the Arrano Decentralized exchange which has its pre-sale scheduled on 14 December 2020. The pre-sale will go on for 3 days in 3 phase and nearly 60 % of the total supply of 81,800 will be distributed in the sale.

The Arrano network within just four weeks on launch managed to gather more than 100,000 subscribers and expected to grow more in the coming days. With the aim of contributing towards the development of the crypto community, Arrano network and its token ANDX is expected to jump with great heights after the launch.

MOON token by Moon Decentralized Platform

Moon DeFi is an Ethereum-based protocol for swapping ERC-20 tokens. The platform is designed with a very low fee structure unlike any other exchanges by creating markets automatically.

At present, airdrop, bounty and marketing programs are being launched with a total reward up to 10 million MOON equivalent to 10 million USDT. To participate in the airdrop bot, one needs to follow the bot and register. Further, each individual can write blog content or make videos about the project and win reward up to 150 MOON.

The total tokens alloted for the presale that started from 03 December 2020 and will last up to 28 February 2021 is 32,000,000 in three phases.

The Pre-sales is where one can own the tokens at a very initial price and phase and hence tracking some promising projects might end up accumulating more profits. Therefore projects like ANDX and MOON are not to be missed out.

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