MXC Exchange AMA with Crypto ₿elievers

Welcome to Telegram Community for AMA. We really appreciate all your support. There were really good and thoughtful questions were asked by community. We also want to thank MXC team for joining us.

Those who missed the AMA, this blog post is for you ☺


Admin: Before we start can you please introduce about yourself and MXC Exchange in brief?

Molly:- Good evening all lovely here, this is Molly, global CM of MXC exchange. Glad to be here to have this AMA, thank you🥰

MXC is established by a group of digital asset enthusiasts, located in Singapore. MXC exchange is a world-famous exchange platform. We aim at providing Secure, Convenient, Smart blockchain asset trading service, covering the market and price of cryptocurrencies including BTC, LTC, ETH, ETC etc. Now MXC mainly supports: Spot Trading, Fiat trading, Leveraged ETF, Margin Trading, PoS Pool, and MXC SpaceM etc. It has also 7 different language versions, including, Chinese, English, Vietnamese, Indonesian, Russian, Japanese, Korean, for your choice and MXC is one of the top 15 Crypto Exchanges in CMC. MXC has more 3 Million registered users.

Let’s start with Twitter Questions

Ques1:- How will MXC Exchange promote more itself and be available for community engagements?

Molly:- Thanks for the question. For those who have already joined our community, should know MXC’s every decision is made based on MXC users, you can see how much attention MXC has paid to users and communities. We have had many AMA in crypto communities all over the world. We will continue to do and involve more communities that in the future. We always have plan and we are doing that!
We always organize many events, airdrops and bounty for the community. In the near future, there will be many interesting programs for the community, we will soon announce. Please pay attention to it. Our weekly event is in process, check more
Welcome to join our community to get more information about events, airdrop on MXC exchange. @MXCEnglish😉

Ques2:- Many exchanges have been hacked, even though they have a high level of security. Do you have a mechanism to prevent such attacks? Will you compensate users if such an attack occurs?

Molly:- MXC Exchange lays utmost importance on the protection of user’s asset security. It builds a comprehensive security protection system by the integration of top-notch security technology, experts in cyber security field and an elaborately designed security protection mechanism. In terms of technology, MXC Exchange developed hot and cold wallets in asset storage, as well as three party signature mechanism for asset protection, making assets in MXC Exchange is as safe as in bank’s vault. It holds tight in user’s ID verification and emphasizes the protection of user’s privacy in case of asset loss from personal information leakage.Alongside that, MXC Exchange was established by a group of experts from such world-class companies as Baidu, Shanda, etc.They have built a first-class security technological team. In addition, it has secured coordination with state-of-the-art security corporates such as Chengdu- and Beijing-based Beosion, Zhidao Chuangyu Information Technology Co., Ltd. on trading security, threat information report, asset protection, risk control, security consultation, digital-asset tracking, anti-money laundering, etc. Besides, the security team of MXC Exchange is able to monitor any abnormal trading in 7*24. It has created a defensive system that traps can be set on the route where hackers may pass by.Once the trap is triggered, MXC is able to find it immediately. MXC Exchange also performs drills on simulating DDoS attacks from hackers every week with its partners for the purpose of finding out defensive ways and better protection of the assets on MXC Exchange. Meanwhile, it isolates the key servers of internal network and establishes authority control mechanism in case of information leakage from too high authority of some personnel. It also rolls out audit and monitoring mechanism for all levels of business.MXC exchange has always been paying much attention on security and will always keep that in the future.✊

Ques3:- Can you describe why I should use MXC instead of others? What kind of advantages do users perceive in your platform?

Molly:- There are many exchanges nowadays, in my opinion, crypto traders usually do not choose exchange but project & product. MXC exchange has provided “leveraged ETF”, a very popular financial derivative in traditional financial market. There’s no liquidation risks. Investors are able to buy/sell it at the secondary market at any time with no need of margin. I believe you will love this! Know more here:

We aim at providing Secure, Convenient, Smart blockchain asset trading service, covering the market and price of cryptocurrencies including BTC, LTC, ETH, ETC etc. Now MXC mainly supports: Spot Trading, Fiat trading, Leveraged ETF, Margin Trading, PoS Pool, and MXC SpaceM etc. It has also 7 different language versions, including, Chinese, English, Vietnamese, Indonesian, Russian, Japanese, Korean, for your choice and MXC is one of the top 15 Crypto Exchanges in CMC. MXC has more 3 Million registered users. We have many local communities, wherever you come from, you can find your friends here, you can share trading experience, trading signals, MXC products that helps to make profits, life. Why not choose MXC, you will not be regret!❤️
MXC communities: MXC Global, MXC Vietnam, MXC Philippines, MXC Korea, MXC Indonesia, MXC India, MXC Africa, MXC Malaysia, MXC Russia, MXC Brazil.

Ques4:- Other exchanges launch their own blockchain and decentralized exchanges, what do you think about this issue? Will mxc future build its own blockchain and decentralized exchange?

Molly:- I think decentralized will be the trend, MXC exchange will do the right thing at right time. And also, MXC chain. We will announce on social media and community once there are any updates. Stay tuned. 😊

Ques5:- I see your MXC exchange has many partners and great community from Vietnam. Traders from Vietnam. So in the future do you plan to develop an additional platform so users can buy and sell cryptocurrencies through local banks?

Molly:- I think you are talking about fiat trading. Fiat trading is already available on MXC exchange now. MXC exchange now support CNY, VND, AUD, GBP, EUR, USD fiat trading, the payment can be bank card, Alipay, credit card.

Let’s start with Live Telegram Questions from Community

Ques1:- MXC is currently going well and is receiving positive attention. What will you do to get more exposure and adoption? What is the MXC message for the Community today?

Molly:- MXC is developing indeed, we will focus on global market. As you can see, we have many events especially for global users and we have built many local communities to make users feel comfortable when trade on MXC exchange.

Ques2:- What is the usage of MXC token in your exchange ecosystem?

Is there any special fiture in your business model?
Because we saw alot of exchange these days, what is your exchange best fiture that other don't have?

Molly:- As the representative of the rights and interests of MXC trading platform, MX is the cornerstone of ecological development of MXC trading platform and the proof of circulating encrypted digital rights and interests. Hold some MX tokens, then you are part of MXC ecosystem. If you hold MX token, you have a a lot of benefits like enjoying up to 20% discount of trading fee, can participate in voting of community operation and team election, Book a hotel, charge phones, participating events on MXC such as Labs, Subscription with XX discount and a lot more. . At the present time, there are many great plans under construction.

Ques3:- In a survey conducted online, people said they would use an exchange if their SUPPORT is super responsive, how is the mxc support when dealing with customer issues

Recently Bittrex secured insurance for losses of up to $300 million for #crypto assets held in cold storage. Gemini also did the same? Bianace also has SAFU funds.

We know security is very pivotal today, does MXC have these insurance funds

Molly:- MXC exchange support is 24/7 online, that means you can ask anything at any time. For security, MXC has done a lot and will do more to make sure safe in the future. I think platform and users should pay more attention to that.
From user side:
User should pay attention to protect self’s account and password. For example, users use the same password on all platforms, and the result is that they are hit by the library, or the insecure factors of their own computers and mobile phones, may cause their important information to be leaked.

MXC will take responsible to any problems caused by MXC platform, users should pay attention as well, we should protect assets secure together!

Ques4:- What is your long-term vision about the industry which MXC exchange is working at? Are you afraid some day there will be another project with more innovative technology can replace MXC?

Molly:- Focusing on security, providing better service, more good products to help users make more money etc.

Ques5:- As a CM of MXC exchange a long time, what are the value that you receive from community and how will it help you to improve MXC in future?

Molly:- Suggestions, wishes, problems and feedback from community, all of these help me to know what does community truly want, and help us to improve. ❤️

Let’s move to Quiz segment:

Ques1:- What’s the platform token of MXC exchange?

Ans:- MX

Ques2:- What’s the 1st place prize of MXC 1st Session Leveraged ETF Trading Tournament?

Ans:- iPhone 11 Pro 256G

Ques3:- MXC Labs will soon be upgraded into?

Ans:- MXC SpaceM

Ques4:- MXC community weekly "Trading Masters" will be held once two weeks. "Charming Trading Star" will be held once a week. True or False

Ans:- False

Ques5:- MXC weekly quiz is on every on
A. Monday
B. Tuesday
C. Wednesday

Ans:- A. Monday

Ques6:- Which festival this photo is to celebrate?

Ans:- The Valentine’s Day

Ques7:- The MXC Deposit Campaign for DeFi Ecosystem ended last week, which project won?


Ques8:- Which coin did MXC exchange launch on Leveraged ETF on Feb 19,2020.

Ans:- XMR/ XMR 3L, XMR 3S

Ques9:- What’s the annual estimated yield of USDT in MXC “PoS Saving” (no limit to trade and withdrawal)?

Ans:- 3.5%

Ques10:- Two recent AMA in MXC Global community, what are they?


Thank you everyone for participating and thank you MXC team for joining us.





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