The future of online poker

Have you ever thought of what the future of poker game will look like? In the era of Internet payments, Blockchain technology and smart contracts are getting launched in many spheres of business. Cryptonia Poker team has made some assumptions of how the game may be changed through the years.

Payment with cryptocurrency. With cryptocurrencies like Etherum, you can move money directly from your crypto wallet to a poker site. No need to worry about banking regulations or third party payment processors. 
Cost of poker site operating will go down. If the cost of operating a poker site goes down (and reasonable competition is possible) then winning players should earn more money in the future

Low-cost software. Everything is free on the internet, even the things that are not free can often be obtained for “free” (illegally). You can already play online poker for free on many different platforms (play money though)

The cost of payments will go down. This is basically the most expensive part for the players. It will most likely never be free of charge, but close to that. Innovative technologies like Etherum enable close to free online payments while also eliminating chargebacks 100% of the time

Restrictions-free game. DAC or DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Corporations or Organizations) that run on the Internet (related to “The Internet of Things”) will be able to circumvent restrictions set by any country.

All of these 4 factors mentioned are macro-trends. The future is a very bright one for online poker. The only important thing is that people will still like the game of poker.

Stay tuned and meet the future with Cryptonia Poker Team!

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