A Minute with #EPNS #42 🔔

Weekly EPNS Updates in 1 Minute!⌛️

Project Updates!

✅ Snapshot ⚡ and Uniswap 🦄 channels entering QA soon, Ruler Protocol 📐 channel in development.

✅ Push Nodes and Protocol new features in the works ⚒️.

✅ new notifications payload in the works, How you guys feel about voting from a notification…? 👍

✅ steady progress with Channel Discovery features 🌐 for Mobile App and Browser Extension.

✅ EPNS was featured in ET Now 📺, one of the major news channels in India. Check out this featured article from Polkastarter catching up with our journey since IDO.

✅ We hosted an awesome AMA with B.Protocol 🧩 on our EPNS Telegram group. Great response from the community! Also, if you couldn't make it to our 2nd AMA with YAM Protocol 🍠 check out the transcript here 📝!

✅ Meet our week-15 ROCKSTAR Community NFT drop winner 💝 - @kumosoukai.

✅ FINALLY! Our EPNS x YAM Finance Meme Contest 🎭 Winners are here🎊. Congratulations to 🥇@MarcoGarcia0827 🥈@phi_ramit 🥉@Johanj1234 and all those who participated!

Read for details: https://epns.substack.com/p/a-minute-with-epns-week-42

Spread the word 🙏 https://twitter.com/epnsproject/status/1423693099658797059

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Rajni Thakur🇮🇳

Rajni Thakur🇮🇳

Ambassador ($BLZ $ROSN $Add $Wise $PUSH $SkyX etc. )