Meet the President of (wallet with 38M+ users), and one of the ‘Fathers of the SAFT Agreement’ in Take #2 of Silicon Valley Live!

Learn how the one of the “Fathers of the SAFT agreement” sees the fate of Bitcoin, ICOs, STOs, the emerging IEOs and why the VC industry will be radically disrupted. By Tony Perkins, Founder & Editor Cryptonite.

At a live taping at a Cryptonite Salon at the HereCollective in San Francisco on May 30, 2019, we sat down with Marco Santori, President & Chief Legal Officer at, one of the world’s most popular crypto wallets with over 38 million users in 140 countries. …

How the 23 year old founder of Augur and now Co-Chief Investment Officer for top crypto fund Pantera Capital sees blockchain tech upending the global financial industry

I had the great pleasure to sit down with Pantera Capital’s President Bill Healy, and wunderkinder Joey Krug for the first taping of my new video cast, and I am honored to share it with the Medium community. We engaged in wide-ranging conversation that touched on the value of a college education to how we transform blockchain tech from a science project still in Alpha into a powerful distributed infrastructure. The dream is a more private, secure, peer-to-peer, power-decentralized and less institutionalized world.

“Just as the Internet was the underpinning of a new information infrastructure, blockchain tech and cryptocurrency…


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