NFTs took off in a big way in the Tezos space in Q2. Hic et Nunc became one of the top NFT platforms on the Web, Kalamint had a successful launch, Formula One cars started featuring Tezos livery and OneOf did a massive fundraise for music NFTs. Naturally, a lot of our energy at Cryptonomic was devoted to supporting these projects and also really focusing on integrating NFTs into our tool stack.

The growth in NFTs was followed closely by growth in Tezos DeFi. As Tezos users became even more involved with DeFi apps, they clamored for deeper DeFi support…

2021 has already gotten off to quite a start for Tezos with a number of exciting new dApps such as TzColors and Hic et Nunc going online and a number of new DeFi projects taking hold across the ecosystem. As usual, yet another Tezos governance update (edo) went through like clockwork amidst all this action. This exciting activity has kept Cryptonomic busy as a toolmaker for Tezos developers and regular users alike. …

Taking care of crypto taxes is confusing and stressful enough as it is. Throw staking rewards into the mix and we have a real nightmare on our hands. Conventional block explorers are difficult and cumbersome for getting long-term blockchain activity in one shot. Fortunately, our Arronax analytics tool makes things a little easier for Tezos users. Here’s a little tutorial that should set you on your way.

First, copy your own Tezos address and your baker’s Tezos address from your favorite wallet. …

Following eventful first, second and third quarters in 2020, our focus during the fourth quarter last year was on bringing enhanced security to our users and DeFi capabilities to Tezos users in general.


With an uptick in the user-facing Tezos projects, especially in the DeFi space, we naturally found ourselves helping get multiple collaborators’ projects off the ground as we used our expertise to ensure those projects could be launched in a safe, timely and user-friendly manner.

On the heels of the USDtz launch, we assisted Tezos Stable Technologies with getting ETHtz off the ground. ETHtz is now available for…

Following on progress from the first two quarters of the year, Cryptonomic was able to cap off the work done earlier and bring some ambitious new tools and features to production. Most notably, we launched Harpoon and Periscope and finished two long-term initiatives with the Conseil indexer and API.

The Cryptonomic tool stack sees continued adoption in the Tezos ecosystem, with the AWS KMS and the Harbinger oracle being the major third-party projects to incorporate our tools into their work and contribute to our open source codebase.

Harpoon and Periscope

Last quarter, we announced that we are building on our existing stack to…

As decentralized systems, blockchains can experience forks for multiple reasons. Some of these are mundane byproducts of the consensus process itself while others happen due to drastic circumstances like network partitions, major software bugs or large-scale attacks. While the on-chain governance process of Tezos reduces some sources of major forks, the fundamental decentralized nature still leaves open the possibility of such events. As a result, it is important for tools and applications built on top of Tezos to be resilient to forks. Conseil, the indexer and API for Tezos blockchain data, now supports forks!

The indexing process within Conseil now…

As an eminently popular Tezos wallet, Galleon has always seen its users targeted by malicious parties in multiple ways. However, in the past two months, the scale and intensity of the attacks has escalated significantly. We are particularly troubled by recent reports of Windows users with file wallets spontaneously losing funds, although we have not yet found any related security vulnerabilities. We want the Tezos community to be aware of these issues and protect themselves.

Our headline recommendations to the community are:

  1. Only follow download links and seek support through our official website.
  2. Always use a hardware wallet like the…

After a productive first quarter earlier this year in the midst of an ongoing pandemic, Cryptonomic kept up its frenetic pace of development on its open source Tezos projects.

The development and deployment stack we have built now allows us to quickly build and iterate on new projects. As a result, we are adding Galleon Mobile, Galleon Desktop 1.x, Periscope and Harpoon to the Tezos ecosystem. This stack has seen increased usage this year through organic adoption and multiple hackathon projects and has therefore become even more robust and featureful.

As the broader ecosystem expands to multi-chain applications such as…

As promised in the last quarter, Cryptonomic has been working on a mobile counterpart of the popular Galleon wallet for Tezos. We are now releasing the first public version of Galleon Mobile, a feature-rich and secure Tezos wallet for Apple and (soon) Android phones, allowing users to store, send, receive and delegate tez.

This limited version is meant to involve the community as we add new features going into the first full release. We’d like everyone to watch and provide feedback as we add more features and incrementally improve the messaging with each release. …

Nautilus Cloud, our cloud service for Tezos which provides hosted blockchain and indexer nodes, has a fresh look!

Based on developer feedback, we switched to darker colors and a more intuitive layout with easier links to documentation, including the developer handbook we recently put together.


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