Blockchain. Still lack of required qualities to attract mass 
consumer adoption!

The Born of BRAVO Pay .

In this era we're people are living in a digital and high technology world, Ordinary people may have nothing to wish but, Most of them has no ides what's is going out there. World is moving very quick and some field's moving very slow. And that is not good.

Financial Industry is no different and in this article will discuss those Problems and what will be the connection of Blockchain with this.

Fees, Customer service, ATM issues, Security, Obtaining new cards & Online banking. Those are the six most prominent key issues that the Financial Industry facing today according to the Brandwatch Analytics.

Traditional banking getting some error or lags regards to their technology development. However, some starting to use mobile banking, at that time they're using the SMSbanking. Time goes by and finally the smartphones got introduced and finally the first mobile web that was on the year 1999 , European banks started to use and offer mobile banking .Blockchain is the perfect fit with this. We all know that blockchain is made by easy, fast and secured transactions, So why would they not be a perfect match?

Many bank’s still on the traditional banking system and some was considering the mobile and online banking, Actually For me, I will choose and no doubt the mobile banking, because it’s a time saving, and its safe. Combining the two technologies together is a brilliant idea and the the BRAVO Pay is the example of this. Control and speed of transactions is the most important. The project is at the forefront of the digital revolution and allows you to work for both business and consumers with complete transparency. This is a promising project based on Blockchain technology, supported by a strong and intelligent development team.

The BRAVO Pay .

When the Blockchain facing a problem of lacking a quality in regards of attracting the consumer mass adoption, The Bravo pay were born, Indeed it's sofware has been around since year 2014. They are a successful and created in US fixes currency market, until they have been decided to launch own token that will be available in 2019 according to the roadmap.

The BRAVO Pay is a P2P payments and transfers using the it’s owm blockchain based payment system.

Where it all begins?

Way back 2014, Where Maria Luna a TechCrunch Disrupt Battlefield Alumni , and Dr. Hector Rodriguez founded the company. The story was begun when the Team is on the hiking in the Southern Utah, They didn't know in the end that they will end up no cash to give a tip on their hiking guide, there, they realise the simple and more cinvience way to pay pr get paid without a problem.


My mom working in Saudi Arabia, and she pay almost 50$ for a transfer fee when she was sending money here in the Philippines. When she send the money today, we can't get it on that day, we will need to wait 2-3 days to get that money! How slow was that! Even my mom paying a high fee for transfer fee , Indeed she was paying a hidden fee for the bank who accept her payments.

The Blockchain is the future bank, Beating those traditional banking system with it's safer and cheaper way to send P2P that do not require an mediator. And the BRAVO embracing the Blockchain using it to blocking to the platform so the access time will reduce.

To be quoted Maria Luna, CEO of BRAVO says ..

“The cryptocurrency market is worth over $290 billion dollars, but many users don’t know how to acquire coins and let alone, where to spend their coins. Even though there is a strong and real use case for service professionals, artists, small merchants and everybody else, at the moment, many shops and service professionals don’t have the ability or a simple solution to accept cryptocurrency. BRAVO will change this and will let anyone pay or get paid in cryptocurrency seamlessly as we already do for fiat currency transactions.”

When you adopt blockchain, there will always be a token and The BRAVO will also start selling it's very own TOKEN in the nearly future and they will call it BVO Token which will be used in powering the platform. It will be also used in rewarding the user's and allowing traders to buy and sell it on the exchange.

The Company also expanding it's technology for the Mobile Payments since this ecosystem growing rapidly in the global markets. They will specialised the country's who's in the middle of developing itself in the name of this ecosystem.


The BRAVO Pay built the destructive micro-payment platform for the new-gen that requires the simplicity, confidentiality and the anonymity. They uses the proximity (via GPS) or simple search.

And it's was an early victory for them as they makes it easier and safer for the thousands of daily micropayments between the users; it was all without sharing or collecting personal information such as an emails , phone numbers or even accounts.

The key features of the application is the following:

  • The Searching for transfer recipients. We saw the GPS has been using by the BRAVO and through this system, the BRAVO will be able to find to tokens nearby , it will only showing the number of the wallets that will close to you and you can be able to transfer tokens and so that your privacy will maintain by the system.
  • Fast Transactions. The Reliable payments will be made with the fully volume, fast and without any commission. The Payment guarantor is a block here .
  • The Anonymous chat. Now I can communicate with mom when I was asking for salary because with this application, you will be able to communicate and attract with your family, friends and relatives with just pressing phrase " throw money"





Today, Where the traditional bank system disappointed us for being slowly and a lack of security and privacy, Blockchain will be one or maybe the future of faster transactions around the globe, Yes! The Blockchain Platform still facing some challenges one of this is lacking a quality required to attract a mass adoption of consumers, and here the BRAVO Pay lies.

This will be the solution that the Blockchain will met all the best quality to attract a consumers mass adoption. We saw that here at BRAVO, The whole Team was working to solve the problem that traditional banking system and blockchain as well. They had a User-friendly interface that was built on the top of the robust blockchain infrastructure, Which is making us allowed to access it's technology in the easiest way. Did you like that?

So if you’re still confused on why Blockchain do not have required qualities to attract mass consumer adoption, Well now, Bravo is the key! Now it will meet all of that! Happy to know more about them? I suggest you to follow the links below.
Thank You FOR Reading and just a short reminder.

Disclaimer: ❗️ Friendly Reminders Please do your own research, Investigate before investing. I will not be liable for any financial losses caused by any internal decisions, (discontinuation, token swap, etc.) made by them. Please have due diligence to do expanded research regarding any Selfdrops or ICO you want to participate.

I already downloaded the BRAVO Pay fiat APP, if you wish to try it to while waiting for the crypto currency version launching,Go to or just download ut directly from tge Play Store or Apple Store.

Learn more about Bravo at their Official Website
Read Bravo's Whitepaper

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