CXA Airdrop: Round #2

CXA Airdrop Round#2

Giving Away 6,000,000 CXA

After the overwhelming participation in CXA Airdrop Round #1. It’s our great pleasure to announce CXA Airdrop: Round #2 after our CXA Airdrop: Round #1 had finished successfully in 48 hours with more than 10,000 telegram joiners.

For this round, we are giving away 3,000,000 CXA tokens in total (worth about US$18,000) for Telegram, Twitter and Facebook joiners between 25–30 June 2018 (Finished at 12.00 PM GMT+7)

The total 3,000,000 CXA tokens will be distributed to every each Airdrop participant equally. When the number of Telegram joiners reach 30,000 members, we will giving another 3,000,000 CXA tokens as an extra bonus for Round #2 to express our appreciation and thankfulness to all participants.

These tokens can be used to ‘unlock’ future features of the CryptovationX robo-advisory platform and will be a powerful mechanism in the robo-advisory platform, you may want to hold them.

The CryptovationX robo-advisory is a limited version of the robot made exclusively to participants in the Airdrop and only available for existing CryptovationX Community members.

Besides receiving CXA tokens, Airdrop participants will get an exclusive first-look at the CryptovationX robo-advisory platform before its official public launch.

CXA Airdrop consists of following tasks:

  • Join CryptovationX Official Telegram and Twitter : Get 3,000,000 CXA + 3,000,000 CXA Bonus.

( Noted: CXA tokens will be distributed to all Airdrop participants equally)

How to Apply:

  1. Apply to join the Campaign here :
    (Using Frequently use E-mail.)

2. Join our Official Channels

3. All rewards will be credited into your ETH wallets in JUNE. We will kindly ask you to indicate the address of the wallet that is compatible with ERC20 token standard, such as MEW, Metamask, and other major ETH wallets.

(To receive the tokens, you should remain in the group until the Private Sale completed.)

Note: This airdrop is excluded for U.S. citizens and residents. To receive CXA airdrop token, KYC verification is required.

Nationals and residents of the following countries and territories are ineligible to participate: Afghanistan, Central African Republic, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Eritrea, Guinea-Bissau, Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, Libya, Mali, North Korea, Somalia, South Sudan, Sudan, Syria, Yemen

Fulfilling the conditions more than once or on behalf of another user is strictly forbidden. We reserve the right to withhold tokens for any reason, not limited to, but including, if fraudulent or spam activity has been suspected. The airdrop may be limited to users that have a wallet balance equivalent to 0.01ETH to prevent fraudulent and spam activity during the distribution process.

The distribution and qualification process may take several days depending on the number of participants that we must process.

We are not responsible for delays outside our control. If our supply of the CXA Tokens is delayed by an event outside our control then we will not be liable for delays caused by the event.

We will not replace any CXA Token that is lost, stolen, damaged, or inaccessible.

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