Blockchain & Crypto Hype Cycle: Where We’re at and What’s Coming Next
Anthony Back

To an extent a great article Anthony if a little shortsighted.

Also I must disagree with most of the responses your article has received as these seem to have been written by people who are oblivious to all the technical advances that have transpired over over the last 20 years or less. Most of which it must be remembered were seen as non starters at the time by these exact type of people .

Jus one example is how we now consume movies compared to just 20 years ago

Ofcourse there have been uphill struggles and false starts and most importantly consumer resistance but who would not agree that the struggles to progress the Movie and. Home entertainment market were not worth it?

We didn’t know we needed the iphone until it was invented

When music was revolutionised back in the 1970’s and taken away from the pomp and posture of progressive rock and armchair warblers to be replaced by Young upstarts of Punk and HipHop there were the same screams of derision such as “that’s not music it will never catch on” however we can see today that those scrappy and disruptive individuals launched what is now seen as mainstream music .

Yes it was untidy and yes most failed and yes the then establishment shrugged and frowned and muttered disdain but the revolution followed anyway as did the transition from heavy 12inch difficult to transport Vinyl albums to the instant fix of today’s music streaming.

The next revolution is upon us, will it be pretty? Probably not

Will it be easily understood by the masses? Definitely not

BUT given time will it prove all the neigh sayers wrong? Definitely

The Revolution will be Decentralised!

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