Find out Do You Flit or Do You Lead?

As you see there are many leaders who doesn’t lead at all, they just flit from one crisis to another. They don’t just land on a single thing ever. These persons just don’t stay on one thing for a long time because if they do so they can be pinned down for to make a decision or having an opinion.

They just hate any of the conflict and can do anything to avoid it.

Let’s just make out who are you, Flit or a leader? Answer these questions with yes or no!

1. Do you feel uncomfortable in making decisions for your own? Do you want anyone to take a stand with you?

2. You don’t support business proposals until the analysis on those has carried out in the extreme.

3. You look for extreme support before going to make any of the decision, it shows you are consensus addict.

4. Do You answer directly a question from your boss? Do you call a subject matter expert for it?

5. You find it suitable to oblige an external person outside your company rather than making strong relationship with your internal company members.

6. You don’t set objectives for your employees or avoid doing personal performance evaluations with your employees.

7. Do you glad to meet your employees outside the company.

8. Do you feel it’sbetter to not get into face-to-face with your employees? Do you send emails until you boss force you to do communicate with your employees?

9. Do you feel it’s better to make a To-do list with at least 10 items on it?

10. Do you haven’t been asked for your views on key strategic issues of the company, butthose persons report to you are?

If more than a couple of questions made you say ‘yes’ then you are not a leader. You are a Flit.