Our first Alexa Skill is live!

Today our first Alexa Skill got approved, we are all thrilled to see the Live status:

It’s live!

The Skill is the Fantasy Scoreboard one I talked about in my previous post. Here is a demo of the Skill

See it in action

Anyone with an Echo or a Fire TV can now enable the Skill from the Alexa companion app here:

To learn more about these scoreboards or order one, visit

Final tweaks

The final tweaks we had to do to get it approved are:

  • Change the invocation name from Scoreboard to Fantasy Scoreboard because Scoreboard was too generic
  • End the help message with a question. We had missed that part of the section 4.12 from our Submission Checklist.

While we did that, we also made a couple minor changes

  • We added more utterances to make the interaction more natural
  • We tweaked a few sentences, it’s harder to find missing “of” and extra commas in a voice interface than a UI