Tattoo Remorse? Benefits of Laser Tattoo Removal

Did you have get a tattoo in a spur of the moment decision, and now wish you could go back and think it through? There are many people today who look at that body art and wonder what were they thinking when they got inked. These images range from partners they no longer date to television characters that do not seem as appealing many years later. In the past however, you had two choices for getting rid of that tattoo you no longer want. You can go suffer a painful removal process or choose to get even more ink and have a new cover-up to hide that original image. Today many people who have body art that they want removed have a much more pleasurable option for removing an unwanted tattoo. Laser tattoo removal will not only remove the ink, it will be significantly less painful that other methods of tattoo removal.

The laser tattoo removal process is unlike any other technique currently available. In the past, if you decided that you wanted your ink removed, it was common practice for the physician to soak a rag in a salt compound, then rub the skin and slow strip away the tattoo, one layer of skin at a time. As painful as that sounds, many earlier tattoo removal procedures actually left thick and heavy scars on the skin in place of the tattoo. The laser tattoo removal process works completely differently. If you can withstand the snapping of a rubber-band against your skin, that is the extent of how painful the laser process is. The laser light device is gently pressed on the ink, a light flashes, and the snapping works to lighten the pigment of the ink in the tattoo.

Depending on the size of the body art, the laser tattoo removal process can be done in a few visits to a dermatologist, or in extreme cases could take ten visits. There are several factors that go into how effective the tattoo removal process will be with the laser. The age of the person, color of their skin, size of the tattoo, age of the tattoo, and the type of ink used are all determining factors in how many treatments it will take to remove the tattoo. That being said, even a half dozen treatments are less painful than one visit to a doctor a decade ago using less hospitable techniques. Each time you visit the dermatologist, the color of the tattoo will get lighter and lighter. There is no scarring as a result of the laser treatment, so once it has been removed, there is little evidence left behind the tattoo was ever there.

If you are looking to remove a small tattoo on your back, wrist, or shoulder, the laser tattoo removal technique is extremely effective. In a visit or two, the dermatologist will be able to remove the tattoo with less pain to you than you endured getting the ink in the first place. The laser device is very small, and the flash of light it emits is like a small spark of energy that fades the ink that is under your skin. The dermatologist will provide you with safety glasses during the procedure, and will prepare the area where the tattoo is before beginning. The area will be moistened and bandaged after the treatment, to protect your skin from sunlight. It is recommended you treat the skin each morning and night with a moisturizer to help rejuvenate the skin again.

One of the reasons the laser tattoo removal technique is so popular today, people who were unsuccessful at getting tattoos removed in the past can now get a second chance at the process. If you tried to have a tattoo removed from earlier removal techniques that were unsuccessful, you can now opt to have the area treated once again with a laser. As long as there was not significant scarring after your surgery, the new laser tattoo removal procedure can still remove that dated tattoo. The laser attacks the pigment in the ink, and can easily fade it to the point it becomes invisible. With no scarring to the skin, this procedure has quickly become the technique of choice for those who are currently suffering from tattoo remorse!

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