How to Transfer Images from Samsung to Huawei Honor 8

In the past few months, Samsung was in the scandal that its products exploded. Although the Note 7 was asked to recall, but many users fear afraid of Samsung’s products and would rather consider other mobile brands. When thinking about changing Samsung phone, Huawei Honor now is popular as its price is fair and the quality of the phones is not bad. Moreover, it has a dual-lens camera, which is also welcomed by customers. So, I am writing to introduce two methods to transfer files from Samsung to Honor 8. Here, I would rather talk about images, because photos are important to me.

Use Apowersoft Phone Transfer

1. ​Install ​Apowersoft Phone Transfer from Google Play on both mobiles.

2. Connect two smartphones to the same network. Tap on the app on Samsung and Honor 8. On the phones, press the button on the lower right corner.

3. Radar will automatically search for all the devices in the same Wi-Fi. Click avatar to establish the connection.

4. Go to “ALBUMS”, choose pictures and then hit “Send” to transfer images from Samsung to Huawei Honor 8.

Use Zapya

1. ​Download ​Zapya from Google Play on Samsung and Honor.

2. Open the app on both phones. And on Samsung, go to “Photos” tab.

3. Choose pictures and click “Send”. A QR code will show up on your Samsung screen.

4. Use Honor 8 to scan the code, so that you can make the connection.

5. Tap “Send” on Samsung again, and then you will receive the images on Honor 8.

You might know how to transfer pictures between two phones. And if you want to ​transfer data from Android to iPhone and vice versa, you can use both methods too.​ So, try the apps now!