Dear parents, are you listening?

We each have wisdom we love to share and inspire our children with. The challenge is, to effectively deliver our wisdom and having our messages successfully delivered to our children. Part of an effective communication is when the message we are trying to deliver are being taken seriously by our children. The challenge is, for them to be able to relate and understand what we are trying to deliver to them. What would our wisdom mean, if our children are not consciously and attentively listening to us? This comes down to what I am about to share with you about listening.

If we are consciously aware of the way we communicates with our children, one of the most common behavior we have is to prioritize what we want them to hear. So here’s the trick. The trick is, for our children to listen to us, we have to listen to them! Of course, we have way more experience in life. And yes, we know better, in most cases. After all. We have had way more life experience than they could imagine. But understand this. A good communication revolves 2 ways. Before we pour our wisdom to them, we have to first, listen to them. It sounds fairly simple. And in many cases, you might even think, “Why does what they have to say matter?”. The truth is, it matters.

Understanding our children is so crucial in building a healthy relationship with them. Listening attentively, and I meant with minimum to zero distraction, will help our children feel appreciated when they are being heard, and to feel that what they share really do matter to us. One of the many things that parents often neglected is how much their children appreciate having them to be interested in what they have to say. Listening not only lets you get closer to your child, but also show them how much their thoughts are being valued. Your child will appreciate your genuine concern for them. When you listen to your child, you will be able to understand where they are coming from, their real intentions and their concerns. You will be able to enter their world, and they will tell you things that you might not usually know about them. Relating to them will no longer be a problem, and because you listen to them, they will in turn listen to you. You can then, use your wisdom to help them grow. Connecting with your child will then be so much easier.

Listening seem like a simple thing to do. However, to listen attentively, can actually be a challenge to many people. The pace of modern society had us stuck to the constant activities that we have to constantly attend to daily. Often, we might find it hard to concentrate and focus on one thing at a time. But if our children are important to us, we shall contribute time for them, and to be able to sit down and share moments of a good conversation are as important as making your child eat well or do well in school. You will be amazed when your child starts sharing things that they have never shared with you before.

True communication happens when you begin to truly learn to listen. For them to listen to us, we have to first listen to them first. Remember, we are the role model for our children. What they will soon become are strongly reflected from what we are to them today. What they do are strongly influenced by what we did. If we practice a good listening attitude, our children will too, learn to listen to us, and become the person we raise them to be.

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