Morning people a very rare bread of humans. Science has yet to figure out why they are able to function so readily after 8 hours of sleep, but coffee or tea might be the answer. Before anyone drinks their morning cup of coffee or tea, whether they are a morning person or not, no one would be excited to leave the comfy confines of their bed. So, advertising tea with exciting colors is a very poor advertising strategy.

Tea is a very calming drink, and it should be advertised as such. Twinnings tea used an entirely red background for this ad, and they should have used cool tones like green, purple, and blue.

The flow of the picture also goes the opposite way of what it should be. The eye starts at the image of the tea bag, and then skips to the logo in the top left corner. In order to make the ad more effective the arrangement of the advertisement needs to be changed. The tea bag should be placed on the left side of the page and the logo in the bottom right corner so that your eye leaves from the right side of the page.

Even though the visual aspect of the Twinnings tea advertisement does not do the product justice, the headline, the body copy, and the USP sell the product perfectly. The USP for this advertisement is that Twinnings finds the finest products for their tea from all over the world. In tandem, the headline “let our discovery be yours” invites the consumer to find out how ingredients from all over the world make Twinnings tea better than the rest.

Even though the USP and text of the advertisement are fantastic, the advertisement is ruined by poor visual choices. Print ads should be short and sweet because so that people pay attention to what the advertiser wants to sell. In order to grab someone’s attention the visual aspects of a print advertisement need to be perfect, and if this doesn’t happen the consumer will flip right past it.