For the Fellas

Brothers isn’t it weird how you can meet a woman and she can lay down law. She’ll give you a list of requirements and expectations on what is required to be her man. She’ll tell you all the things you have to bring to the table in order to be considered for the job. Although, you can always tell when a woman is accustomed to dealing with weak men because the list will include simple things like being employed and having transportation, maybe a career or just sheer passion/ambition. Ironically, she never mentioned the multitude of other important things like mental/spiritual health, sacrificing or being emotionally mature.

However, as a man, the minute you lay down any type of structure for what you will and will not tolerate she will refer to you as over bearing or insecure. She’ll tell you she doesn’t want to be controlled, spill some feminist logic, tell you how another man is waiting to take your place, or how she should be able to do anything a man can do. All that can be fact. Let’s even assume it to be true. However, realize that women hate to feel inadequate. So this is a means of dealing with the fact she may not meet your standard or she isn’t in a place to. I’m here to tell you there is nothing wrong with having standards as men, and you need to realize that women can be toxic too.

“Not everything women do is for the validation of men.”

At times, I beg to differ. If you spend so much time explaining to me why you should be able to do something, you either value my opinion or you’re seeking acceptance. Only a beta male would let a woman dictate what his definition of a hoe or a wife is. Women may not like that. However, you don’t get to tell me what I should and should not accept. Just like women don’t want the opinion of men when it comes to abortion or their bodies. Some men like to have fun with hoes, some just don’t like to marry them, unless your Kanye. We live in a generation of women who find freedom in thinking like men. They want a man who can lead, but they also want to dictate how and in what direction. They want to sleep with whoever they want, but they don’t want to be held accountable for it. Fuck me on the first night, sleep with whoever you want, just don’t expect anything else from me, and don’t wonder why I treated you accordingly. Call it for what it is. Let her go. Let her hoe. Women who promote this ideology only further advance the idea of toxic masculinity. Well, men can have multiple partners so I can too. If that’s your logic, fine, you are entitled to it. Just like any man is entitled to his opinion. In contrast, a man’s biggest flaw can be judging women on their sexual past. However, tell me why I’m not allowed to? A woman’s sexual conduct can be a direct link to what she’s been through in life or what she’s searching for. Somebody tell me I’m wrong. How far removed is she from her last relationship? Does she believe that dating multiple people at one time is the way to go? Does she value family? What’s her relationship like with her father? Was she protected as a child?

Choose your partner wisely. Dissect her mental with the sharpness of a razor blade because a lot of these women are destined to be single and (or) single mothers. Realize that every woman isn’t meant for you and value your relationships accordingly. If you’re a quality man, you shouldn’t be judgmental of a woman’s past as long as it doesn’t negatively impact your present. Value yourself as a man and don’t be easily lured solely by vagina. A man is better off without water in a scorching desert than with a woman who will not submit to his leadership. Stop arguing with women. The right woman is a blessing. The wrong one is a liability. She should bring accountability and organization to your life. Stop repeating yourself. Saying less is actually the best response. When a woman wants you, your words or lack thereof speak volumes. Do away with toxic masculinity, just leave. Stop arguing with women who don’t have anything to offer but pussy and a pretty face. Let them know that we all aren’t the same. Hold them accountable. Bring their reality to light. I don’t want a woman who is thinking like a man. She was not created to think like me. She is supposed to give me balance. Thinking like a man just ruins a woman’s uniqueness. She was made to do everything I can’t.

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