Is there any way to customize the color picker in HTML 5?


I’m building a website with HTML5 and CSS3, and I want to create a unique color picker with HTML5

Is there any way to customize the color picker?

Problem courtesy of: BorisD


In Opera, the only browser to have implemented the color element, you can customize the set of colours offered with a datalist:

<datalist id="greyscale">
<option value="#000000">
<option value="#333333">
<option value="#666666">
<option value="#999999">
<option value="#cccccc">
<fieldset class="col">
<legend>Color element 2</legend>
<label for="excolor2">Color: </label>
<input type="color" id="excolor2" name="excolor2" list="greyscale">

Here’s some examples.

Solution courtesy of: robertc

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