Learning HTML5 & CSS3. Do I need javascript too?


I’m familiar with the way html & css work together. Recently I was previewing some html5 content demo’d by apple and saw they used a html5/css/javascript. I’m at the point where I need to know whether or not javascript is a must-learn; or if I can find similar workarounds with CSS3 & HTML5.

Edited to clarify intentions:

My aim is to have a roll-your-own blog page with twitter feed and some basic animations.

Do I need to learn javascript?

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Yes, you should learn Javascript.

No, you don’t have to learn Javascript.

The long version:

Javascript is only needed if you want your page to do more than just display static content. If the page is static it’s not needed. Some things may not be very interesting without it though (<audio>, <video>, and <canvas> come to mind).

More specifically in response to your question, Apple’s examples are probably not static (I’m guessing a lot of them are related to the three tags I mentioned before), so if you want to do things like that, you need to learn Javascript.

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