5 Proven Ways to Market Your Website and Increase Its Traffic

While increasing website traffic is no rocket science, a few tricks here and there won’t sometimes make the cut. What will you do? To give you an idea how we do things at CSS Ocean, we rundown our five proven ways to market a website and eventually increase its traffic. Here you go!

  1. Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization or SEO is far from dead. In fact, it still plays an important role in the success of your website. According to a recent study by Group M Next, 29% of basic digital consumers use search engines to get information about the products or services they need. This means that you need to be visible where your target market is. In this case, you have to increase your visibility in major search engines by optimizing your website with keywords people are likely to search for.

SEO won’t give you an overnight success as it might take several months before you will see significant results. However, its impact on your website will give a run for your competitor’s money. Start your SEO strategy now by creating fresh contents, editing existing blogs and removing barriers to search engines’ indexing activities.

2. Facebook Ads

Almost everyone is on Facebook. Hence, it makes sense that you promote your website on this social network. While organic posts would give you traction, it doesn’t offer the same result and reach that a boosted post can give. Facebook ads have become staple because of its capacity to target people from specific locations and age group. It also helps you to target audience with specific interests. This cost-effective marketing tactic will boost traffic to your webiste with a minimum daily budget.

3. Social Media

The influence of social media can never be overlooked with millions of people sharing contents every second. It will help you communicate with your target market and will position your website as an authority site. Leverage on this by sharing compelling contents that encourage people to visit your blog. Keep in mind, however, that each social media platform requires specific strategy. You cannot post in Instagram or Twitter what you exactly posted in Facebook. Take time to study each social network and move forward accordingly, with your audience always in mind.

4. Native Advertising

Traditional banner advertising has become ineffective overtime. It contributed to over-saturation and the decline of click-through rates. Thus, it came to no surprise that when native advertising was introduced, digital marketers jump into the train. Native advertising has addressed the demand of consumers for information while all the while helping businesses create editorial contents that would allow themselves to insert within the search patterns of their audience. With native ads, your website can maximize contextual integration to provide qualified, lasting engagement with your target market.

5. Website Directory

Posting your website to a third-party site or website directory like CSS Ocean would mean more traffic to your site, better visibility in major search engines, lesser marketing costs, wider reach of customers, and higher chance of generating revenue. There is no risk at all for doing this. If truth be told, you will be in a win situation considering that you just need to post your website and enjoy every benefit you can get.

What other marketing strategies can you share to increase web traffic? Let’s talk about it.

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