You conclude by saying “why not start on a point of agreement, rather than finding all the ways in…
J. Moufawad-Paul

Hey, cheers for the thorough (and tough, whew) reply. My opinion on this piece has shifted since posting the original response, and I wish I sat on it more, because it was hasty. Your point on Wolfe’s use of Rashid is one that came up during the furor on facebook, and is the point that caused me to move from my initial position; it definitely makes his citation come across as opportunistic tokenism. At this point, I don’t see much worth in defending a position I no longer hold, even if there are some points of contention in your response to it. I’ll probably just take this as a lesson, and go back to reading my books. I’ll probably see you at the Maison Norman Bethune the next time you do a reading there; unfortunately I missed the release of your latest book. Have a good one.

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