The Way it is…

Love me, or hate me, I don’t give a damn.

I need no one’s approval because I know who I am.

A man who’s been through the changes, and has seen a lot of pain,

Still I always keep a smile on my face, and from that I won’t refrain.

I was created through acts of love that couldn’t stand the tests of time,

Yes, my creators separated, love to them was like a crime.

No direction and no guidance, I always played the fool.

My interpretation of love was twisted, broken, totally uncool.

I spent time inside a system who’s aim was to turn me into a product,

But love kept me afloat on the waves of life in spite of my conduct.

I’ve crossed a many bridge, every one destroyed by flames,

Sometimes I can’t remember faces, but I’ve never forgotten their names.

So, today I make amends by working hard and living right.

By always lending a hand when times are hard and dark like night.

I am a man who has reached a decision , a man with a made up mind,

To treat everyone with reverence, cause good people are hard to find.

Love. Life. Changing for the better is a reality!!!!

C. Taylor.