How I Unlearn
Beth Comstock

I love these tips, and I think there is an element of “learning how we learn” threaded throughout - a key component of transformational learning (academically referred to as “triple-loop learning”, one of my favorite concepts). It’s basis is that in a given situation, learning is impossible based on the individual’s current contextual lens and therefore that lens has to change for learning to occur. The process toward that happening is not easy because (among many other things) it requires the person to realize that what they currently believe is contradictory to new knowledge.

One of my favorite articles on this (A Contextual Theory of Learning and the Learning Organization, by Povl Erik Jensen) states, “The unawareness of the differences between espoused theory and theory-in-use which is ‘designed’ in the brain becomes known, but not without psychical pains for that individual”. It offers some great examples which I have found extremely useful to understanding how people (including myself) learn!

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