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this article has a hints at what is necessary, but misses what’s possible. Lengthening the school day at all, not just in places where the school system, teachers and resources are already stretched is NOT the answer, even if resources are available. Children need unstructured playtime to be able to develop social skills, and cognitive abilities, the school environment is not the answer for that either. I’m the father of a 10 Y O girl and I feel it would be unthinkable to have had her stay at school on days I was supposed to work till 6:00PM. Full disclosure — I’m one of the fortunate ones. I was able to arrange my work schedule to pick my daughter up from school. When she was in Kindergarten, 1st or 2nd grade I ca’nt imagine her having to stay at the school all that time, and I like her school. That time was and is precious to me. I would have and would be missing all that time with her, the laughing, tears, skinned knees and the stories. All parents should have the opportunity I did. So, consequestly, I think a better answer is flexable work schedules in the public and private sector. it would allow parents to be with their children more and would help to alleviate traffic conjestion, and would afford more work opertunities to other parents. How about Extended vacationss for Holidays in the work place. Who wouldn’t want a week off around the holidays. Or how about work share for a single position worked on by multipul people. In anycase I think there are many more and better solutions than keeping the kids in school longer.

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