Standing Desks You Can Actually Afford
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Awesome overview! I’ve tried a couple of these, but I started out with an ikea hack —

A few tips on standing desks

If you are going with the Veridesk and have a traditional keyboard, go with Pro plus or cubicle.

Your screen should be at eye level, with your arms bent at 90 degrees wresting on the keyboard and mouse. The Pro-only model doesn’t really allow you to do this. The Pro-plus and cubicle series have a lower tray that, while not perfect, allows you to do this much more easily.

Get something to rest your feet/foot on.

If you want to avoid leg or hip pain, I suggest getting something you can wrest a foot or two on while standing. It can be anything, even a block of wood. The trick to standing comfortably is to shift your weight around and a foot rest is something I 100% recommend to help you do so.

It will feel weird for a week or two

Trust me, it’s going to feel weird the first time. Not just physically, either. If you are in an office environment, prepare to feel “exposed”. But, that quickly wears off. Chances are, you will soon have other people join you before long.

Don’t buy a standing desk as a first timer

If you aren’t sure how you will react to standing, I wouldn’t recommend dropping hundreds of dollars on something you may end up not using. Instead, there are tons of examples of “hacking” a standing desk. That being said, the first option in this guide is a great entry-level option. However, it may not be right for people with PC’s or dual monitors. If that’s the case, get yourself a couple of $15 ikea end-tables, screw on a shelving bracket, and give standing a couple weeks before deciding if you want to commit to a more long-term option.

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