Study Day Program — Proposal

The Study Day Program is a day per month when a team member can learn a new technology.


The Study Day Program is not a free day. It is intended to boost the team member performance by sharpening his/her skill-set.

  • This program will be subject to your manager’s approval.
  • The study outcome of this program may be part of your quarter goals.
  • The study outcome must be useful for the company.
  • There must be a proof of the study outcome.
  • Create a JIRA discovery story to have sprint visibility.


  • The planning will be done at the beginning of each quarter.
  • The team member will present a roadmap of learning goals to his/her manager.
  • The manager will coach and discuss these goals to make sure there is a synergy for the company.
  • The team member shall formulate a brief plan on how to implement these new skills in the company.
  • The team member must book a day per month in the calendar (upon manager’s approval)

Valid outcomes

The study outcomes shall be aligned with the company’s goals and values. Some of the valid outcomes could be one or more of the following:

  • Create or update wikis and knowledge base
  • Present a demo on how to use the technology learned
  • Give a slideshow presentation to the team
  • Show an open-source contribution
  • Answering questions in forums like stack overflow

Examples of learning resources

  • Open source libraries/projects
  • Conferences, talks, videos
  • Online courses
  • Study courses
  • Books

Example use case

  1. A Software Engineer is interested in learning about the Javascript version ES2015.
  2. Manager approves study plan.
  3. The engineer creates story tasks for that sprint.
  4. The Engineer books time in the calendar as Study Day.
  5. The Engineer delivers a presentation to his team on the features of ES2015
  6. The Engineer delivers a plan on how to implement ES2015 on existing the company’s apps.

In conclusion, this proposal aims to level up the team and facilitate continuous improvement. Please let me know if you have any ideas on how to improve this proposal by leaving a comment. If you think more companies should adopt the Study Day Program recommend this article to your contacts.