Donald Trump and the politics of nostalgia
Eric Fershtman

April 8, 2016

Dear Mr. Donald J. Trump,

I appreciate you being business-like and giving innovators and job-creators like me an opportunity to capture interest, involve, and inspire Americans. But you and I may differ on ideas of “simplicity”. For example, I see simplicity through the lens of fiber-optic visual binary communication. I see progress as communication at the speed of light. Of course, it is integrated with America’s military machine, and it does make it more powerful. It is now up to the big buyers, to buy-in to the Trump machine, and/or build a new and better machine that integrates with progress for America and the world. Psychology doesn’t get thrown out, it is in fact central to progress. It is the psychological conditions that lead to innovation and job-creation, to prosperity and stability for everyone that is so central and important. It isn’t just about selling “you”… it is about selling intuition.


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