UX & Creativity in large-scale projects.

On a daily basis we experience user journeys that have been tried, tested and executed. It could be the experience of booking a train ticket online or ordering a coffee in advance using the Starbucks app. The goal is the same with every experience: it should be easy and it should make you want to do it again. That is what keeps customers returning to a brand.

Defining the goal

Turn complex tasks into straightforward and effortless ones.

To do this we start by identifying popular user journeys across the site, using quick sketches to flush out the journey, to avoid overthinking at such an early stage.

User personas based on current brand knowledge and data are used to reinforce what the majority of the market using the website is there to do.

This gives us a foundation to progress to the next stage in identifying good user experiences.

Review, Prototype & Test

For any new UX problem, it’s best to get an understanding of the existing fundamental issues.

By using tracking scripts we can get instant feedback from real users and make accurate judgments based on those findings, avoiding guesswork. Whether it’s a new e-comm product page or a chatbot, instant user feedback is invaluable to a Designer in identifying any bad experiences quickly.

This leads to rapid prototyping, to quickly test new approaches.

Rapid prototyping allows creative ideas that might never have made it to the drawing board to see the light of day, so this can enhance the experience.

Creating an emotional connection is a sure fire way to keep the experience in the minds of the user for a long time after they’ve experienced it. Here we start thinking about the interactive and creative elements of the experience. Not as an add-on but as integral, starting at the prototyping stage.

Animation should be what a good wine is too good food, complementing with subtlety, not taking away from the focal point.

This was especially true with one of our most recent projects: Revolución de Cuba’s new site. A website that needed to deliver industry-leading features, straightforward journeys, and experiences that would keep users engaged and coming back.

Proof in the pudding

Creative visuals along with well thought out user journeys have proven to be a success with a raft of our latest projects taken to market.

This data taken from Revolución de Cuba’s new site cements our process as one that works and continues to work well after launch Because the processes we use are applied post-launch just as much as during kick-off to keep expanding on existing journeys, and creating new ones.

73% decrease bounce rate
68% increase in bookings

Decreased bounce rate can be associated with a more engaging site, on all aspects improvements were made, but subtle animations were the biggest change over the previous iteration. Improvements made in bookings are a testament to the vastly improved experience users receive with the new booking form, making it accessible all the time from anywhere.

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