Dear Community,

as part of our Q2 project update, we are proud to announce that we have completed the integration of PayPal as a payment method for premium memberships, which will also be redominated in CBIX-P in the future. The subscription method has already been activated for you on to have!

You can now directly support your favorite streamers with a monthly subscription! Premium memberships guarantee you ad-free viewing as well as other highlights such as a special ICON in the respective streamer chat that particularly highlights your position.

Silver, Gold Memberships

Dear community,

during the past 7 days we have noticed that despite our Swap deadline announcement that product and exchange support for oldCBIX BEP2, BEP20 and ERC20 will be cancelled by 30th of April, there are still remaining oldCBIX holders who missed out on the SWAP deadline.

We have made it very clear for 42 days that the preferred ratio of 1:0.55 …

Dear community,

today we are proud to present our next upcoming new community event based upon your feedback and wishes!

Live! Staking competition with an APR of 5 % APR

To celebrate and promote the next phase of our platform development and marketing at we are launching our product related global staking campaign V4.0!

Program Timeline: Starting 2nd of May 2021 until 31st of december 2021 users of our platform at can receive a deposit / holding bonus of up to 5 % for their CBIX-P Cubiex Power BEP20.

5% per year calculated on a daily holding basis with a minimum holding duration of 1 week before unstaking…

Dear Community,

thank you for your active participation in our new Cubiex Power BEP20 ecosystem. During the past 6 weeks in total, more than 1100 users have taken part in the swap from oldCBIX to the all new Cubiex Power BEP20.

We would like to give you now the contract and listing details of Cubiex Power BEP 20 = CBIX-P as well as the first listing details.

Cubiex Power BEP20 — CBIX-P

Blockchain: Binance Smart Chain
Token Standard: BEP20
Token name: Cubiex Power
Ticker: CBIX-P
Contract: 0x39bff8613defd221b0410ed3d4e5c07512d55f2d
Total Supply:
Initial circulating supply: +- 0,25 % depending on demand
First Listing: PancakeSwap CBIX-P/BUSD + CBIX-P / WBNB
Listing Price: 0,10 US $

Dear community,

we are super excited that Cubiex eSports and BIGCLAN have signed a strategic agency streaming partnership! We managed to secure Dathrix, Segalson and Nasuada as Cubiex Streamers starting 1st of May 2021!

In this first step, we are pleased to welcome Dathrix, Nasuada and Segalson, all of whom are currently streaming on Twitch and together have a combined following of 25,000+ users.

All three will start co-streaming on next to their twitch streams in May 2021 with being live at least 3 times a week with a total of 300+ streaming hours!

The aim of this partnership…

Dear community,

today we are excited to announce the winners for both our NFT auction of the 1/1 Golden edition as well as the lottery for the Holo, Shadow and Platinum edition. The distribution of the NFTs to the winning addresses is happening at the time of writing this article.

Cubiex Gold Edition 1/1

Auction Details

Participation timeframe: 11.03.2021–11.04.2021 23:59:59 CET
Starting Price: 500 CBIX
Model: Highest bid wins, all other bids will be returned
Blockchain: Binance Smart Chain ( You need CBIX BEP20 )
Category: NFT
Available NFT: 1
Scarcity: Ultra rare


Winning Bid: 34,662 CBIX

Lottery Draw — Cubiex Holo Edition, Platinum & Shadow Edition

a) Register an account…

Dear Community,

We are delighted to announce today that Cubiex eSports and the GoBIG League have concluded a strategic tournament partnership in the field of CS: GO for the entire year 2021!

GoBIG League and Cubiex eSports will jointly organize a monthly 2on2 Wingman tournament on the matchmaking platform with 128 teams, in which up to 2000 players can take part in 2021.

The special thing about this: Cubiex HOLDERs receive free entry to the tournament, which is otherwise only accessible by a paid subscription! …

Dear Community,

thank you for your overwhelming support in the recent days and weeks. Since the announcement of Project M… Challenge we have received hundreds of new signups and useraccounts that are participating in our new Cubiex Power BEP20 ecosystem which starts 1st of May 2021.

Today we’d like to address some frequently asked questions to make the swap procedure during the current grace period from oldCBIX to the all new Cubiex Power BEP20 ecosystem as smooth as possible for you:

Guide on how to swap:

1. What is Cubiex eSports?
Cubiex is a Binance (Smart) Chain based next-generation tokenized…

Dear Community,

this guide will walk you through how to swap from old CBIX ( BEP2, BEP20 and ERC20 ) for the all new Cubiex Power BEP20.

As announced earlier the swap procedure is part of our strategic readjustment during 2021 — paving the way for the next years. After careful evaluation with our core community we have decided to restructure as outlined in our Lightpaper 2021.

We can’t thank our core community enough for having us enabled to get this far and to continue to work and promote our vision of bringing the gaming and the blockchain space 1…

Dear Community,

today we are extremely proud to announce that we will build our own NFT.Marketplace on Binance Smart Chain. Cubiex’s NFT Marketplace will initially exist parallel to Cubiex.Market V1.0

In addition to unique works of art, our own NFT marketplace will also contain game and streamer-specific NFTs that can be bought directly in exchange for CBIX.

Cubiex Gold Edition 1/1 — Upcoming Auction

To celebrate this step together with our community, we will have an exklusive auction of the very first Cubiex eSports NFT 1/1 — There will only be 1 exclusive “Cubiex Gold Edition 1/1” !

Its a 1 in the world NFT that will…

Cubiex eSports

Cubiex is a next-generation tokenized social network for eSports & gaming enthusiasts, with the vision to connect gamers on a global basis.

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