Cubiex eSports / Binance Chain — Community Feedback!

Cubiex eSports

Dear Community,

we have succesfully issued our tokens on the Binance Chain and submitted our listing proposal to the mainnet. You can find our proposal here:

Since then we have received an overwhelming amount of positive community feedback, especially in regards to our suggested “new” improved IDO structure, that will handle KYC procedures and contribution / token distribution prior to the actual trading start. ( In case the validators vote positively for our listing proposal )

However a big number of supporters contacted us as well as the Binance team, saying they can’t reply or upvote on our forum post, since there are technical issues with the reply / upvote button.

We like to guide you through the procedure one more time as the community feedback is very important to us!

Let us know: What do you think about eSports and gaming coming to the Binance Chain? Which IDO Format would you prefer? Lottery, FCFS?

Please follow these steps to express your feedback:

1) Create an account at

2) Visit our proposal thread at:

3) Scroll to the bottom of our proposal post and click on upvote:

4th: Freel free to comment or leave questions through the reply button!

In case you are having technical difficulties, try to log out, login, change your language settings to english, save, and login again. Then try to leave a comment, it should work then. In other cases try using another browser or device. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Cubiex eSports:


Community Chat:



Binance Chain:




Cubiex eSports

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Cubiex is a next-generation tokenized social network for eSports & gaming enthusiasts, with the vision to connect gamers on a global basis.

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