Cubiex eSports launches Staking V4.0 Campaign with an APR of up to 5 %*

Dear community,

today we are proud to present our next upcoming new community event based upon your feedback and wishes!

Live! Staking competition with an APR of 5 % APR

To celebrate and promote the next phase of our platform development and marketing at we are launching our product related global staking campaign V4.0!

Program Timeline: Starting 2nd of May 2021 until 31st of december 2021 users of our platform at can receive a deposit / holding bonus of up to 5 % for their CBIX-P Cubiex Power BEP20.

5% per year calculated on a daily holding basis with a minimum holding duration of 1 week before unstaking and usage of platform services / withdrawals of Cubiex Power BEP-20 are possible.

CBIX-P BEP20 Tokens are utility tokens that grant users access to the Cubiex ecosystem w CBIX-P can be used for the platforms services such as donations to livestreamers for example and play a further crucial role in different governance and internal liquidity functions.

Please walk through the following basic steps in order to be able to participate:

  1. Register a free account at and confirm your e-mail address.

2. Edit your profile and save your BEP20 sending address.

3. Click on “My Wallet” in the top right corner. Click “deposit” within your Cubiex web wallet in order to send CBIX-P BEP20 tokens to your web wallet. Once you’ve sent CBIX-P BEP20 tokens you will see your balance displayined in section “CP” in your web wallet in your account.

4. You can now press the “new stake” button and create a stake.

About Cubiex eSports

🔥 Cubiex is a Binance Smart Chain based next-generation tokenized social network for eSports & gaming enthusiasts, with the vision to connect gamers on a global basis in an ecosystem with features such as: P2P Livestreaming, rewarded content creation, P2P matchmaking & virtual ingame items and / NFT trading.

You can purchase CBIX-P BEP20 utility tokens here:

CBIX-P Contract address



Stay tuned as we have some upcoming news and partnerships to foster marketing and additional community events! We hope that you are all fine and that you hold your head up high, despite the global difficulties!


Telegram ANN:

Legal Disclaimer:

Cubiex-BEP20 tokens in general are utility tokens that provide users with access to the Cubiex ecosystem w provided that their proof is proven by deposit to your platforms account on  Cubiex Power serve as internal platform tokens that are tailored and usable specifically and exclusively to the services offered on . Cubiex Power tokens are not financial instruments or securities and do not constitute a right to receive a monetary credit. In addition, they do not constitute a dividend or other property rights, especially not during this staking campaign V4.0. Cryptocurrency trading is subject to high risks and any trading or holding activities can lead to substantial financial risks and are even subject to full risk of loss of your capital or given cryptocurrencies value in return. By participating in any campaign of Cubiex eSports where CBIX-P tokens are used you expressively agree that you have read and understood all underlying terms and conditions of CBIX-P tokens from our websites at,  as well as all sale terms and conditions as well as program specific terms and conditions, which are published on our platform before each individual campaign starts.

Cubiex is a next-generation tokenized social network for eSports & gaming enthusiasts, with the vision to connect gamers on a global basis.

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