Cubiex IDO — Initial DEX Offering on Binance DEX — Details

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Jul 11 · 2 min read

Celebrating the 1-month anniversary of the Raven Protocol IDO

Initial DEX Offering

Cubiex eSports will conduct an Initial DEX Offering on Binance DEX on 17th of July 2019 at 2 PM CEST. KYC / AML procedure will be required prior to participation. We have been receiving overwhelming feedback within the past days about the potential format of the IDO.

Binance DEX is a community driven project and therefore we are taking a community driven approach to enhance and mature the model of IDOs.

Lottery / FCFS?

The feedback of the community has been clear! 50/50! We agree with the community, that there are advantages to both participation models. We have therefore made the decision to split our IDO fundraising goal into 2 different sections:

IDO Goal: 500.000 US $

Lottery: 250.000 US $
Max. Ticket size per person: 500 US $
Max. participants: 500 Contributors
Remaining allocations from Lottery in case contributors participate with less then 500 US $ will automatically be directed to FCFS allocation.

After the successful IDO of Raven Protocol — inventing a new model of community driven project support, we have decided to honour the Raven Community by allowing multiple lottery entries:

Holding 30.000 Raven Protocol tokens or 3 BNB 24 hours prior to contribution will give you 3 Lottery Tickets per entry per person! Get your Raven or BNB on Binance DEX and reserve yourself 3x the amount of Lottery Tickets! The maximum amount of tickets per person is 3 tickets.

Max. contribution Size per participant: 500 US $ — Max participants 500 people!

FCFS: 250.000 US $ ( First comes first serves )

KYC required: YES ( Will be announced on 12th of July )

For the Lottery as well as the FCFS part of the IDO goal a successful KYC / AML verification is necessary!

We will publish the KYC procedure and dates on 12th of July with all detailed instructions! Once participants have successfully participated we will notify winning lottery tickets EXCLUSIVELY via e-mail and display the contribution adress!


Our contribution adress for participation in the IDO will only be sent out via e-mail to you from our offical e-mail adress, once you have successfully passed the KYC / AML part.

Please report any fishing or scamming activities as soon as possible to our official telegram admins or notify us via our contact form at

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