Cubiex Progress Report Q1 — Q2 2019

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Cubiex is a germany based next-generation tokenized social network for eSports & gaming enthusiasts, with the vision to connect gamers on a global basis in an ecosystem with features such as: Rewarded content creation, eSports & crypto league, P2P matchmaking, Livestreaming & virtual ingame items trading.

Product Development

Achieved Milestones

Since we first went online with our landing page in August 2018, a good 10 months have passed. During the bear market and the reorientation of the crypto market, the Cubiex team focused on building its MVP.

All in all, the platform has been designed as a template throughout our UI / UX layout, and since then we’ve worked very hard 24/7 on creating and programming each key feature.

In doing so, we have developed the following milestones:

a) Completion of a fully functional social network with the following features:

  • Create personal profiles
    - Find Friends by location, Add friends
    - Instant message, Audio & Videocalls implementation, P2P File Transfers
    - Creating articles on your personal profiles and timelines
    - Final determination of algorhytmic content creation rewards
    - Uploading Images, Pictures

These were the first critical steps toward reaching a MVP Alpha 1.0 Social network version as a fully operational and working product.

According to our roadmap, we are currently finalizing the full functionality of our live streaming integration, that enables gamers to livestream and screenshare their daily gaming activities to their audience. Through Cubiex Power donations livestreamers can monetize their gaming experience with flexible cashout options such as through Cubiex ERC20 or Fiat options.

With a potential upcoming IEO Cubiex is looking we are delighted to say that currently we are ahead of roadmap. A basic product in combination with an upcoming IEO could happen in Q3 / Q4 2019 instead of Q1 2020.

IEO Initial Exchange Offerings

We have noticed in 2017 that the model of old fashioned ICO fundraising has attracted many bad actors into the space. While contributors sometimes had to wait more then 1 year until they received a confirmed listing date sometimes they even never got any returns on their contributions due to scams and bad players in the place. Allthough regulators around the world are providing more and more regulatory frameworks to guide projects, a new trend of fundraising has set in, beginning in January 2019 with Binance’s BTT sale.

Initial Exchange offerings — What does this mean?

Exchanges run extended due dilligences on projects and make sure, that the team behind projects are real, that the tech is in place and that milestones are hit. Once all listing and IEO criterias have been met, the exchanges promotes the projects tokensale through their exchange to their userbase as well as handles the technical side of the tokensale.

In the past 6 months of 2019 we have seen great progress in the fiels of IEOs — from all major exchanges leading and promoting these in a way — opening a new way of fundraising / marketing for projects and a secure way for contributors to make their final decisions about participation based upon the due dilligence research reports of the exchange.

Cubiex’s team has noticed this trend for many months and is proud to announce, that we are currently aiming for an IEO in Q3 2019. More details about the exchange will be announced within the upcoming weeks.

Contrary to many other projects in the space, Cubiex plans to release their basic working product ( Tokenized social network + livestreaming ) in Q4 2019 after the IEO to let real world demand for its token kick in.

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Cubiex eSports

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Cubiex is a next-generation tokenized social network for eSports & gaming enthusiasts, with the vision to connect gamers on a global basis.

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