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Sep 18, 2018 · 2 min read

Official Cubiex Airdrop Announcement

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Join our Cubiex Airdrop Campaign and receive your tokens for completing the given tasks. In order to get your free Airdrop tokens, simply follow the steps below. Please don’t forget to enter your Telegram, Twitter and Facebook Username in our client area, so we can track down your successful participation. Cubiex Airdrop Tokens will be distributed to all participants after the Token Generation Event.

How to Take part?

1. Sign up by clicking here.

  • Enter your E-mail address and create a password

2. Join our Official discussion group on Telegram.

  • Reward: 25 CBIX
  • Leave a short comment about cubiex! No spamming allowed!

3. Follow and like Cubiex’s official Facebook page.

  • Reward: 25 CBIX

4. Follow and like the Cubiex official Twitter handle.

  • Reward: 25 CBIX
  • Like and Retweet the pinned Airdrop Tweet on Cubiex eSports twitter profile.
  • In case you retweet the pinned tweet with comments use the hashtags #esports #crypto #cubiexesports and link to the website here too.

5. Completing all 3 tasks above

  • Reward: 25 CBIX
  • You qualify for extra reward.

That’s it. You are now entitled to claim your 100 CBIX tokens. Full KYC is required prior to the public sales to successfully qualify and receive your tokens. During the KYC/AML process you can enter your ETH wallet adress.

In the meanwhile Cubiex is counting on your continued support throughout its ICO campaign. The strength of our community and your belief in our mission to reward you for your time, data and attention are helping Cubiex grow exponentially in attaining Global attention for our mission to unite gamers worldwide.

We love you guys and are humbled by your support towards Cubiex.

In case of any discrepancies, report your issues at

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