Gun Tales: AR-15 Rifle Stops Child Abuse

My thoughts on dumb gun control examples that are cited from true cases in the media.

Imagine asking someone why we shouldn’t get rid of guns, or at least create better legislation to control them so they don’t kill so many people every day. The person responds to you on Facebook with a list of true cases in which they claim gun ownership would have prevented tragedies. These are real cases, real people, and they are politicizing the suffering of real victims.

AR-15 Rifle Stops Child Abuse

Imagine if you will a car driving away. A mother standing in the driveway watching it shrink into the distance. In the back seat, young Joshua DeShaney waves goodbye. His mother cries and waves as the car turns at the end of the block, out of sight.

In Wisconsin, outside the DeShaney residence we can hear Randy yelling at his son Joshua. The police knock on the door. Once inside, they inspect Joshua and find signs of abuse.

Joshua is in the hospital, his father steps outside and is told by a representative of the Department of Social Services (DSS) that his son will remain in the hospital’s custody.

Three days later, Randy’s car sits outside the hospital, he opens the door and Joshua is transferred with help from an orderly from a wheelchair to the passenger seat.

On five separate visits a social worker documents signs of child abuse.

A year later, after restlessly beating his child, Randy is unable to wake his son from a coma.

At the hospital, Joshua finally opens his eyes. Randy is told that his son is “profoundly retarded” and will spend the rest of his life confined to an institution. Randy is placed in handcuffs and led away.

Randy DeShaney gets out of prison two years later. A taxi takes him away from the prison in the morning hours. By noon he is standing in “an institution for the profoundly retarded”, at his son’s side. Joshua does not acknowledge Randy’s presence.

If only Joshua DeShawney had had a gun. Born in 1979, parents divorced in 1980, in a coma in 1984. That four year old certainly would have stopped his father from beating him. If only he could reach the AR-15; to locate the bolt handle, push a loaded magazine into the weapon, to pull back the operating rod, to release the safety. If only that kid could’ve held aloft that AR-15 and stood in the light of his bedroom and said, ‘Not this time, Randy.’

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