Trust your Build

rake + cucumber -f rerun


System acceptance tests that run over the wire may fail intermittently due to connection issues or a deploy might occur during a test build to the environment in test, causing random failures.

These annoying mishaps can be detrimental to the trust of a cuke build leaving valuable cukes rotting on the vine.


If you’re not using cucumber rerun formatter already, you should start right now. Cucumber rerun is at great way to quickly weed out flaky cukes. Cucumber rerun is certainly a great feature but kicking it off is still a manual step :(

We don’t like manual steps at CukeHub. So we decided to wrap our cucumber reruns into a rake task called rake cuke:hub[@tag]

rake cuke:hub[tag]      # run cuke builds by cuke tag

You can copy and paste the code form here.

Once you get that rake task implemented into your cuke suite, you can simply pass one of your cuke -tags to it [rake cuke:hub[@your_tag].

Oh!!! Make sure you tweak a cuke so that it fails fast and watch it run a second time automagically ;)


(Feel free to DM us if you have any issues.)