Why email when you can call?

As a business to business salesperson I email a lot. Proabably too much but it’s just part of the gig. Someone emails me, I email them back, they email me back…and on and on and on. Anyone in a business setting knows this takes time, A LOT of time.

Unfortunately or fortunately based on your viewpoint, Email is not texting. There’s no social pressure to respond immediately like someone would respond to a text.

In order for my business to grow, speed is a factor. I need quick responses, next steps and progress at a rate faster than a 5 days email chain can provide.

So I started doing something a year ago to change things up in the hopes of speeding up my progress. Whenever I started a new email I asked myself:

“Can I just call?”

Now, let me preface here by saying there are defintely situations when email is entirely appropriate.

But I found there are plenty of situations when calling versus emailing can save time, reduce confusion and speed up progress. The situation that’s yielded the biggest impact in time saving and speeding up progress in my sales cycle is….

Booking appointments and meetings

The audio connection just seems to be a powerful one. I feel I’m at such an advantage when I can get someone on the phone, whether I’ve worked with them in the past or they’re a new prospect. The tonality, the summation of what I need to say quickly and my own personality cannot be fully captured in an email.

If I can’t reach my contact via phone call, the combination of a voicemail and follow up email illicits more responses back than any email ever did on it’s own for me.

In the past when I emailed heavily to book appointments I would…

  • Wonder why I wasn’t getting responses back
  • Stress about sending multiple follow up emails too frequently for fear of looking desperate
  • Prefer email communciation because rejection over email hurt less than over the phone. And it was way less awkward!

When I started calling more frequenty and emailing less for appointments, I…

  • Started to get clarity about why my contacts were not responding. Some were just busy, some were dealing with business and personal emergencies and some just were just not interested in speaking with me. BUT AT LEAST I KNEW WHY! I stressed less and moved on.
  • I was rejected less often! It’s just harder to say “No” to someone over the phone than over email.
  • I booked more appointments, more quickly and actually started reversing rejections based on misunderstandings of what my company did or what my self-interests were.

Next time you click that little envelope to compose another masterpiece for an appointment, save yourself some time and try calling first.