Good Morning Champions

Another day another dollar huh??

Who has heard of that saying?

Who actually uses that??

It always seems to be said in a tone of here we go again on the roundabout to groundhog day. I will do the same thing as yesterday because i have to earn that dollar so i can purchase and consume things that i really dont need to impress people that i really dont like.

Seems crazy doesnt it but people do this every day with no real thought.

Well its time to think and its time to shake things up. Instead of doing things this way why not wake up with a different approach. Why not wake up with the approach of okay who can i help today and who can i impact? Who can i add value to today? Where people feel better just from being around me. Who can i transfer some positive energy to today? What people are going to see me today and think you know what that person there is different, that person is going places, that person is going somewhere, i want to follow that person, i need to follow that person.

Change the approach to one of selflessness and value instead of the another day another dollar approach. Where has that approach gotten anybody to this point?

Dont be afraid to shake things up. Its time to shake things up. Help someone today and have an impact. Be intentional with your actions and live with purpose.

Its your journey and your chance to be great…..make it the best one ever.

See you on the other side and remember you only get 1 life….

Have an amazing day…


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