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You are in control

How often do you as a person think about and feel about all the things that are holding you back?? Holding me back from what Jade?? Well…. holding you back from doing whatever you want to do and achieve. There is always the government, your boss, your parents, your sister, brother, best friend and maybe your uncle and Aunty. But guess what?? None of those things matter. The only thing stopping you is yourself. You are free to do whatever it is you want and you decide what and where that is. That is it. So understand that and then I hope you go well that sounds very simple. Yep… you would be correct. It is simple. You just choose to complicate it. All you do is decide and then get after it. Problem is most times is the decision hasn’t been made. That is 100% of the problem. Not everything around you. But what is staring you in the mirror. I speak for myself when I say this too. You and me decide and nobody else. That’s what makes it fair and great. NOW DECIDE AND GET AFTER IT

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