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I want to take this opportunity to talk about well….. to actually talk to you about opportunity. Have you ever heard people say to you I’m just looking for bigger and better opportunities. Yet they stay in the same stupid situation that they are always complaining about. I mean not everyone is like this but the majority seem to be. The world is always evolving and changing rapidly and again there is opportunity to change with it.

The internet is here to stay whether we like it or not so people need to get familiar and comfortable with it and use it in the right way. The biggest companies and businesses on the planet have transformed the way we do things now. You would all be familiar with modern day information/digital businesses and companies such as Uber, Netflix, Air B&B, Amazon and the Chinese sensation that is Alibaba. All these businesses have taken advantage of paradigm shifts in the market place and have streamlined the supply chain. They have moved with the times and taken advantage of a change in business. Why do you think Blockbuster video is not as prominent as it was 12 to 18 months ago?? It is because Netflix is all about live streaming and easy access. It is about convenience and speed and Blockbuster didn’t move with that. Why are taxis losing more and more value?? It is because Uber is now a force and it’s about the same thing. Speed and convenience. It saves time. Time is the number 1 asset remember. I keep saying it and I will continue to keep saying it. It is all about time, speed and moving quickly. The other companies are the same and revolve around the same concept and they are super successful because of this reason. Industrial Age thinking is not going to solve problems in an Information Age world. Not to mention the fact that people are struggling with their health and finances more then ever these days and this trend will continue.

But understand that people throughout society should be opening their eyes to opportunities where they can get involved in business where shifts in the market have taken place. Where instead of being a straight up consumer where you go and just spend, spend, spend and get nothing back in return. People need to be smarter. Instead of being a straight up consumer they need to employ the mindset of a prosumer. Prosumers can not only spend their money but the money that you spend you get a value back on what you spend. The opportunity is there to build an asset with no investment by taking advantage of these paradigm shifts by streamlining that supply chain that takes so much money out of people’s pockets. This is going on all over the world. We are living through the biggest culture shift the world has ever seen and the majority of people are sleepwalking right through it.

Working a 9 to 5 job is the normal thing to do and the expected thing to do. But there is huge opportunity to break away from that and live life on your terms by taking advantage of the time that we live in. The opportunity is so big it is almost inexcusable to not participate and partake in the biggest shift of wealth the world has ever seen since the real estate boom. It’s a chance to create wealth. It’s a chance to move your family forward. It’s a chance to break the poverty cycle. Poverty is a curse. It’s a chance to create a legacy and build an empire that will live on in your family for generations upon generations. It’s a chance to bring people along too, to impact them in a positive way and to bring great value. It’s the greatest business opportunity on planet earth and this is what CULPH BUSINESS GROUP is all about.

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